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24 Mar 2015
More criticism towards Deportivo after the team missed a golden opportunity to put some distance with the relegation zone. The papers emphasized the lack of goal opportunities and the lack of aim to seize the few chances created.

Deporte Campeón: Funambulism at the Riazor. No way to take off. Maybe it's the message that we have to understand. We will suffer until the end hoping that this conclusion will bring happiness with the permanence at Primera. Deportivo cannot take off, it nether wins nor adds the three points. Unable to leave the pit. Hopefully we won’t regret the points lost against Espanyol, Almeria Levante.... 30 remain in dispute and under this panorama, it will live on the wire. Depor are a 'tightrope' of football, as demonstrated, once again, in yesterday's meeting.

With Fariña in the starting lineup the team wanted the ball from the start. But the visiting team warned with a play of Lucas Vázquez after five minutes. A pure reflection of what was the meeting. The possession was for the locals, but Espanyol created lethal danger as soon as they were stepping into the area. Alberto Torres

La Voz de Galicia: One point to stay subscribed to suffering. A few months ago we sense that Deportivo are subscribed to another season of suffering that hardly will be settled before the last matchday of the season. The Galician team has added 2 of the last 18 points at stake and still survives outside the relegation zone. In broad strokes, it summarizes what happened against Espanyol, a new movie of wanting but not been able to do it for Depor, with all its talent in the field, but suffering to create a scoring chance and later aimless when this chance appears.

Espanyol’s Sergio played with the Galician anxiety, they had the clearest occasions and could have claimed the game in the two final occasions, time when Deportivo was out of steam after a better and more aggressive second half to add the three points that would have crowned a positive matchday with the results of the rivals. The point allows Depor to stay out of relegation one more week, a kind of mockery of the Galician side in the tightrope game in which they are putting too much in risk. Miguel Piñeiro

La Opinión A Coruña: Mutual pardon. At this point in the season Deportivo no longer fool anyone. It is what it is: wanting and no power to fulfill it. The team has good things, enough to stay at Primera, but also large gaps, starting with the goal. Yesterday it just lacked that, a little more confidence in front of goal to put the game in favour during the second half. Oriol Riera and Cavaleiro wasted good chances before Espanyol had theirs. Finally, a point and thanks after the scares in the closing stages, especially the shot by Javi Lopez that hit the bar. At least Depor added a point, less comfort because it missed an excellent opportunity to take a giant step in the career for the salvation. Eugenio Cobas

Marca: A point that isn’t relieving. Deportivo and Espanyol were canceled at the Riazor (0-0) and left a goalless draw in a match where the team coached by Víctor Fernández tried harder, but lacked resources. However Espanyol, side that was locked at the back in various stages of the meeting, had the better chances, especially a shot that hit the crossbar of Javi Lopez that bounced on the goal line. The point doesn’t help Deportivo and neither approaches Espanyol to Europe.

The game was played under the same script for almost 90 minutes: Deportivo trying to dominate and Espanyol locked at the back and trying to take advantage of the spaces left by the Galician team. Both had their chances, although Espanyol’s opportunities were clearer. Despite Espanyol ended better, the effort made by Deportivo didn’t deserve a defeat. The point doesn’t fix the problems of both teams. Manuel Malagón

AS: Neither football nor goals at the Riazor. Deportivo and Espanyol added the point of fear, actually of panic to lose. The fear of the Galicians is a consequence to their delicate situation, living permanently on the brink of relegation. Normal, because it has spent six games without a win. In the case of Los Periquitos, more comfortable at the standings, they were shown more timid and cautious in the absence of Sergio García, their great spiritual leader.

The game was so flat that we had to wait to the 20th minute to see a goal opportunity. Fabricio saved a shot by Salva Sevilla and another by Víctor Sánchez, who was offside, gave the ball to Caicedo. A goal that was disallowed and a scare to a Riazor that was overwhelmed.

So both teams left the game, without football, without ambition, no goals and a poor point. To Espanyol it only serves to stay installed in no man's land and Depor, to live another day out of relegation. Yes, leaving more questions about their game. Luis de La Cruz

Mundo Deportivo: Espanyol claimed a valuable point at the Riazor without Sergio García. Espanyol have managed to add a point away from home in a very nondescript encounter. A point against a Deportivo that aren’t leaving the bottom places. It was the same result of the first round game in Cornellà-El Prat. Los Periquitos have taken a step forward without their captain Sergio Garcia. Javi Lopez has had in his boots, at the 81 ', the great chance to give his team the three points, but has inexplicably failed. Maria Carmen Juárez



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