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28 Mar 2015
The players talked during the week of several issues, from the calculations to clinch the permanence in Primera División to the social fracture that has been affecting Deportivo.

Despite the international break, there was controversy at Deportivo with the words of some players. From the complaints of Juanfran Moreno and Juan Dominguez to the calls for a better understanding between the fans and club’ officials. The following is a resume of the main things discussed by the players in interviews and press conferences held on this week.

The players understand that a pause is good despite the anxiety for not achieving the results. For Laure it’s good in order to continue improving, “It’s good in order to continue working and improving the feelings, so we can be in the better conditions.”

Manuel Pablo was also talking of that matter, “It’s good to be disconnected for a while, but not losing the demands of the daily trainings. Sometimes it’s good to clean the head, mentally, and later return with everything. We are coming from a bad streak and are starting to lose confidence, doing things badly, so this is helpful to rest, recharge the energies and return with strength.”

Meanwhile, Luisinho was saying that, “It’s good for us. We are dealing with problems to score the goals and during this time we can work on that. Besides, if you look to past opportunities, we have clinched good results after the breaks.”

Different opinion about the number of points needed to clinch the permanence. Toché was saying that the better thing is to target 43 points, “The better thing is to target a high number, to think of 42 or 43 points, so we won’t fall short. We have enough squad to be in an upper zone and winning two or three games in a row we will end there. Now we face games that we can win and the team can end in a comfortable situation. We knew it was going to be a difficult season in which we have to fight hard.”

In the meantime other players aren0t targeting an specific number; Manuel Pablo doesn’t want to make calculations taking in mind what happened in past seasons, “Surely you must try to leave three teams behind, but I don’t think like that. For me you cannot be content only with that. I remember the relegation with Lotina, we barely were in relegation until the last matchday and for me it isn’t enough to only look at the rivals; you cannot only be content with that.”

Borja López preferred to talk of the remaining of the season, “A lot of games remain in the schedule, those are going to be very important finals for us. We must together until the end and do the work to achieve the permanence. If I have the chance then I will do the best for our shirt.”

Neither Luisinho wanted to talk of a target of points, “Ten finals are remaining, all the teams at the bottom have been accumulating tension and only the stronger will survive.”

Depor’s players are concern for what is happening inside the club and were asking for pace. Laure was saying that, “The players are wishing for a consensus between the fans and the board of directors. It’s the best thing for the club, we need it. It’s very important to have the whole club united.”

Manuel Pablo was the one with the longer speech, “We are in a situation in which Deportivo is the one in danger. I believe that we will surpass this period, later you can ask things after the games and at the end of the season. Later you can be accountable and talk, but the current moment is difficult and the best is to be more united. The other day the feelings were weird. We lived a period after what happened in Madrid that was hard, there were consequences and there were news and opinions. The team improved and it seemed that things were surpassed, now it seems the disunion is total. No one wins with this confrontation and the loser in the club.” He added.

Similar was the opinion of Juan Dominguez, another of the captains at the team, “The only solution is to stop, think about it and later reflect that it isn’t useful for Deportivo to continue with this tense atmosphere.”

Juanfran was harder with the attitude of some fans, “They [The Riazor Blues] have an open war against La Liga and we are paying the price. Truly La Liga has been too hard with them, but we aren’t guilty for this. It’s a shame, this is a situation that needs the support from everyone and they aren’t here.”

There was also time to talk of subjects related to the players as individuals. In the case of Juan Dominguez he was complaining of the criticism towards his performances, "I should be doing something wrong, because many people don't like me. I am not going out too often to the field, and when I do it then I find that the game is already broken and complicated, but I must assume my role and help the team from the bench, though it’s only for five minutes.”

The midfielder also referred to the issue of his renewal, “My agent receives offers and a lot of stuff, but the speech that we are giving is that we are negotiating with Deportivo, which is our main interest. If in the end there’s no agreement, then we will hear other things. It’s not that if Depor suffer the relegation then Juan Dominguez won’t renew.”

Juanfran Moreno was also criticized recently for his performance, specifically for the cracks at defence each times he joins the attack and the full-back responded at Radio Cope that, “Let me tell you something… if the full-backs aren’t joining the attacks then who is releasing the crosses? If a full-back goes up then someone must cover his position. For me the easy thing is to not go up. If the ball is lost in an offensive position then who’s problem is? We all lose and we all win on here.”

Meanwhile, Borja López, who is the only player at the team still waiting to debut, remains optimistic despite the coach decided to trust in Manuel Pablo in recent games, “Those are decisions from the coach, I just accept it. I don’t think of surrender. I want to play, let’s see if I can change the coach’s mind and have more opportunities.”




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