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07 Apr 2015
Disappointment in A Coruña after another bad match by Deportivo. The papers emphasized the poor performance in the first half and the lack of aim in the second.

Deporte Campeón: Deportivo arrived too late. Deportivo arrived to Getafe with the perfect results of the direct rivals. The defeats of Córdoba, Almeria and Granada (with a big score) made this game a chance to put land in between with the drop zone and engage the opponent in the struggle to not fall into the well of the Segunda División. And Depor wasted the chance, once again, and the fact of not falling into relegation after only adding 2 of the last 21 points indicates how this league is: Horrible.

The first half was simply disastrous. Deportivo didn’t know what to play and how. Getafe, with very little, got pierce the goal of a Fabricio that perhaps was blinded by the sun, neither had his afternoon at the Coliseum Alfonso Perez. After wasting the entire first half and later been unable to score in the best chances had in the second, Victor Fernandez’s men lost the opportunity to raise their head once. Now the game against Cordoba is or not a final? Alberto Torres

La Opinión A Coruña: Bad in attack, worse in defense. Deportivo’s coach, Víctor Fernández, asked his players on Saturday for a consistent response to the commitment they had yesterday in Getafe. He stressed that they should provide a higher level than the one shown previously and reminded them that the "moment of truth" was approaching. The coach, in short, moved the pressure of the match at the Coliseum Alfonso Perez. The response of the players was far from that scenario drawn by Víctor Fernández.

The problems in both areas, their own and the opposite, again sentenced the team coached by Víctor Fernández. Deportivo, at this stage of the tournament, after 29 matchdays, remain as weak on defense as blunt in attack: it converts into opportunities for the rivals what seems harmless situations and later are unable to materialize the chances in favor.

There were chances to score, as usually with Deportivo in recent months, but again lacked accuracy. Oriol Riera and Lucas Pérez failed the opportunities to put the team in the game and change a very disappointing evening. M. Otero

La Voz de Galicia: Depor into depression. Two defensive errors in the first half condemned Deportivo, side that leaves the Coliseum Alfonso Pérez with the same points than when they arrived, though remain out of relegation thanks to the setbacks of the bottom three teams. Alexis and Escudero ate the toast as Los Blanquiazules jumped into the field with a bad attitude, their goals sunk a Depor that threw the first forty-five minutes of a vital game.

Depor changed the attitude in the second part and everything presaged that the goal was a matter of time. Oriol Riera had two clear chances, but neither with a crossed shot nor with a header was he able to score the goal of the hope for Los Blanquiazules

The one in charge of scoring that goal was substitute Toché, who didn’t hesitate to waste the minutes that the coach provided and caught the ball at the near post in a pass by Isaac Cuenca. With the score at 2-1, Depor were in a hurry, but Getafe knew how to pause the game to take the three points and leave Depor at the brink of relegation. Tamara Rivas

Marca Getafe win in tranquility. Getafe sought and found peace. Deportivo would kill for it, side that remains restless. The Galician team paid dearly for two defensive mistakes in the first half, errors that cost two goals. That distance couldn’t be recovered by Depor and the team returns with nothing to La Coruña.

Depor reacted in the second part, although it was not enough. Victor put Cavaleiro and Cuenca after the break switching the wings and his team improved. And a lot. Getafe waited far behind and the chances came as something natural. Then Deportivo made their second sin in the afternoon. They didn’t score all the chances they get. Lucas Perez and Oriol Riera had the best. Only Toché was able to score at the 79 'to create uncertainty in the end. Nothing more, very little for a Deportivo that remain in danger. Still have time to redeem their sins. Delfín Melero

AS; The goals from Alexis and Escudero bring oxygen to Getafe. Two defenders scored, Alexis and Escudero, which talks badly of the team that allowed those goals. They scored due to the defensive errors of Deportivo. In the first goal Fabricio failed; in the second it was Insua. Diego Castro seized the gift inside the box. Indeed, the day before Víctor Fernández focused all his lights on him: "Insua and ten more will play, but have to take a step forward." It proved to be a stumble.

Deportivo, side that went out wearing the flag of Galicia, were missing identity. So at halftime Víctor Fernández made two changes. The body asked him to switch the eleven men, certainly, but the coach merely replaced the wingers. It was a full success.

In the second part Depor was another team, not only better than the one saw in the first half, but better to Getafe too. The Madrilenian team was settled, carried away by the result and ended locked at the back, conceding several goal chances. Javier Hernández



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