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07 Apr 2015
The coach and the players admitted the terrible first part that led to the defeat before Getafe. Víctor Fernandez was talking of a lack of attitude in the first part; Luisinho & Toché were saying that it isn’t enough with talking.

Víctor Fernández was feeling sorry for the defeat and said that each team dominated one half in the meeting, “It’s easy to describe it: Two very different halves, the first was for Getafe and the second for Depor. There were different attitudes for both teams. Our first half was timorous, without intensity and neither with aggressiveness in the dispute for the ball. We gave for free the first 45 minutes without resting merits to Getafe.”

“We couldn’t compete as the game required, and we tried to compete until the second half. We were more daring and made a step forward. We tried to win with all the consequences and in the end we didn’t seize all the chances that we had, so we lost. One half for each side. Maybe a draw would have been fair for what both sides did, but this is football. They knew how to seize their moment and we didn’t’ take advantage of ours.” He added.

The Aragonian coach insisted that his team missed attitude to compete, “Truly we didn’t go out to the field in the best possible way. We weren’t focused and were flat in defence. We committed an error twice in the same play and it is what I said before: we didn’t have the right attitude to compete according to what the game needed facing a rival that was also playing for a lot of things, though everything changed after the break.”

He emphasized the poor defence and the lack of aim as the key points in the match, “You are too vulnerable in defence and, if you concede as many things as we conceded in the first half, then it’s difficult to rescue anything. At least we were able to create four clear chances in the second half and scored once. Truly we weren’t strong in defence and we weren’t effective at the moment of having our chances.”

Finally, Víctor was feeling sorry as he will miss Cavaleiro and Lucas for the game against Córdoba, “It’s a pity. Cavaleiro got injured, but won’t play as he picked the fifth yellow card. I hope his knock isn’t important. Lucas’ case was a pity, because his foul came at the last minute when the play was far from our goal. It will give us problems to prepare the game against Córdoba.”

It was a painful defeat for the players as it can be stated with their statements. Oriol Riera wrote a message on his Twitter account, “I know that many of you are hurt, also that you don’t believe and neither trust us, but we can make it. And we will try with all our might.”

Fabricio Agosto, who failed in the first goal for Getafe, was saying that the fairest result would have been the draw, “The improvement made in the second half wasn’t enough to clinch a positive result. The draw would have been fair, but we didn’t achieve it because we were penalized by the first half. There’s nothing to explain. We were bad, really bad and it has penalized us.”

Álex Bergantiños was another player blaming the poor performance of Depor in the first half, “The changing room is screwed with the result. We made a very bad first half and later there was no time to correct. They didn’t do too much, but we were pretty bad.”

Celso Borges was saying that Depor need to be strong, “There’s no time for mourning. We cannot sit to die and must act as winners, even in the defeat. We have to work harder. We must encourage ourselves to play as we did in the second half.”

The midfielder was also talking of what lies ahead for Deportivo, “Nine games are remaining and those matches were important yesterday and now we must transform them into accessible meetings. It doesn’t matter who are we facing.”

Luisinho had a similar idea as he thinks that Depor entered too late into the game, “We knew that the match was important, but we weren’t fine at the beginning of the meeting and they scored twice. When we reacted then it was too late.”

The Portuguese full-back was very hard on the attitude of the team and was remembering the importance of the upcoming clash against Córdoba CF, “. When you speak out then you have to fulfill your word on the field. We must be mentalized that it isn’t enough with talking. If we want to stay at Primera then everyone must be rowing in the same direction. If we cannot beat Córdoba then we don’t deserve to stay at Primera. Now more than ever before the fans must be with us. We are counting with their support.”

Toché scored for the first time in 2015. The Murcian attacker was feeling sorry for how Depor wasted the first 45 minutes, “We gave for free the first part, in the second we improved. It was a pity to not score the second goal and it’s time to continue working. They scored the goals without doing too much. Today’s game was a final and we lost it.”

He was also having strong words with the team, "Perhaps we should be talking less and yield more. Each one must be aware that a lot is at stake. All the words are worthless, what we need are facts and on Wednesday we should have the first sign of improvement.”

At Getafe CF, coach Pablo Franco was commenting the game, “We said all week long that we knew the importance of this match. It was a direct rival and extended the advantage with Depor and others. At times we lacked ability to maintain control of the game and kill it. Depor dominated the second half, but our ambition earned us the victory. I was expecting to see Deportivo with a different start and it was good news that they weren’t successful.”

He also targeted what his team needs to secure the permanence, “With three more wins the goal of the permanence will be accomplished. I am very happy for the team, for the fans and to see that the effort was worthwhile."



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