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07 Apr 2015
Great second half from Deportivo B to add three points that are leaving the team in the second place with six games remaining in the calendar. It was an entertaining game with a lot of scoring opportunities for both teams.

Full-back Toni Insua was the only casualty for the game, Canadian Sam Piette returned from international action and went directly into the starting eleven. Coach Manu Mosquera repeated the other ten players at the lineup compared to last week’s victory over Cultural Areas.

The draw was a 4-2-3-1. David Gómez was the goalkeeper, Adrián Martínez was the right-back defender, Jorge Fernández performed on the left side, the centre-backs were Iago López and Róber Suárez. Sam Piette and Álvaro Queijeiro were the centre midfielders, Ángel Fernández was performing on the right wing, Miguel Cardoso was the left winger, Marcos Remeseiro was the playmaker and Dani Iglesias was the centre forward.

The rival was CD Boiro, a team struggling to survive at Tercera as they were in relegation before starting the game. Coach Juan Carlos Andrés presented a lineup with three well-known faces in Abegondo: goalkeeper Rodri Iglesias, winger David Añon and centre midfielder Gabi Sanin. Carlos Padín, who played two Primera games with the first team of Depor in the 1990’s, was also a starter in the meeting.

Highly entertaining game at Abegondo. CD Boiro demonstrated that they have enough football to stay at Tercera and gave a lot of problems to a Deportivo B that turned to be an explosive team in the second half. There were six goals, but the count should have been higher due to the countless opportunities enjoyed by both teams.

There were two goals in the first part and each one changed the tide of the game. Fabril started dominating in the game and once again with Miguel Cardoso as the main threat in Manu Mosquera’s team. Just seconds after the kick-off the Portuguese winger, who was renewed during the week, had the first chance to score with a shot that passed close to the near post defender by visiting goalie Rodri.

Before the 10th minute-mark Cardoso and Dani Iglesias had already created three goal opportunities and the first goal came quickly through Ángel Fernández, the midfielder was assisted by Dani Iglesias inside the area and his shot, that was searching for the far post, was deflected by a defender before going into the near post. It’s his second goal on this season.

The goal brought the best from Fabril, but Boiro didn’t last in equalizing the meeting. Iago López and Róber missed to clear the ball, in the resulting corner-kick Padín released a perfect volley that striker Rubén Márquez headed into the net. David Gómez failed in the play as he arrive late to clear the ball before the header from the visiting attacker.

The equalizer changed the tide of the game as CD Boiro ended stronger in the first half. David Gómez corrected his previous mistake with two vital saves before the solo-moves by Rubén Márquez (26’) and David Añon (33’).

Adrián Armental was even close to score the second for CD Boiro with a shot that hit the woodwork (40’), two minutes later Cardoso was close to score with a shot that hit the net by the outside after a deflection of Dani and after a good combination between Queijeiro and Remeseiro. In that play visiting centre-back Carlos Valverde got injured and had to be replaced.

So, Fabril were somehow lucky to reach the pause with the 1-1 in the scoresheet, but after the break it turned into a hurricane that had already decided the meeting after just six minutes thanks to the goals scored by the three top-scorers at the team.

The second goal for the locals came with a great pass of Iago López to Jorge, who later released a deep cross into the far post, Dani Iglesias was there to head the ball and score his seventh goal on the season.

The third goal came in a counterattack, Iago released a long pass searching for Cardoso, the winger entered the area and his first shot was deflected by Rodri, but then he collected the loose ball to score from close range. It’s the 15th goal on the season for the 20-year-old winger.

CD Boiro were still assimilating both goals when Remeseiro scored the fourth. The action seemed like a repetition of the previous goal, this time Sam Piette released the accurate volley from his side on the pitch, the ball went into the path of Remeseiro, who entered the area to score through a drilling shot. It’s the goal number 12 for the 22-year-old player.

There was a fifth goal scored by , but it was disallowed by the referee and later the visiting outfit scored after Gabi Sanin headed a cross of Adrián Armental coming from the left, it was a perfect downward header that crossed David Gómez.

There were more scoring chances in an open game that should have had more goals, the pace was reduced within the final fifteen minutes. Mosquera made the substitutions with the game already decided, in this way Taboada, Cañi and Juan López refreshed a team that’s already caressing the promotion playoff.

Great reaction from Fabril in the second part after suffering within the last minutes of the first half, the top-three scorers showed up to secure the three points. Now Depor B are second in the group after the defeat of CCD Cerceda and with only six games remaining in the schedule. The next game is the visit to another club in relegation: Laracha CF.

Deportivo B: (4-2-3-1) David Gómez – Adrián, Iago, Róber, Jorge – Piette (Taboada 60’), Queijeiro – Ángel (Cañi 67’), Remeseiro (Juan López 75’), Cardoso – Dani Iglesias.
Boiro: (4-2-3-1) Rodri - Paco, Borja Outeiral, Carlos Valverde (Juanma Torres 42’), Suso - Pablo Pillado, Padín (Sende 72’) - Armental, Gabi Sanín (Kevin 80’), David Añón - Rubén Márquez.
Goals: 1-0: (17’) Ángel, 1-1: (21’) Rubén Márquez, 2-1: (46’) Dani Iglesias, 3-1: (49’) Cardoso, 4-1: (51’) Remeseiro, 4-2: (60’) Gabi Sanin.
Referee: Breogan Antón Martínez. He showed yellow card to Carlos Valverde (33’), Gabi Sanin (63’), Rubén Márquez (71’) & Juan López (84’)
Venue: Abegondo (750)





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