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08 Apr 2015
A tense Víctor Fernández announced changes at the lineup, he labeled the game as important though he didn’t use the word “final.” Córdoba’s coach was saying that his team needs mental strength to bear the situation.

 José Antonio Romero Morilla is the third coach on this season at Córdoba CF. Albert Ferrer and Miroslav Djukic were his predecessors, It’s a similar situation to the one of the previous rival, Getafe CF, another team with three coaches in one single campaign, but there are differences.

Starting with the fact that Romero is a much more experienced coach compared to Getafe’s manager. Romero is 55 and has worked with the base of the Andalusian club since the start of this century. However, like the case of Pablo Franco, his experience is zero at the elite and is facing a very difficult situation as Córdoba are currently the bottom club with only nine games left in the schedule.

There was a big controversy with this decision as, despite the team wasn’t reacting with Djukic, neither José Romero was awakening good feelings, after all he was the coach of Córdoba B before and that team was also the bottom club at Segunda División B. He debuted as a Primera coach against Real Sociedad and the meeting with Víctor Fernández is his third at Primera.

Víctor is also under fire after the recent defeat before Getafe CF, to the point that several radios in Coruña informed that the Aragonian man will be fired in case of not clinching the victory in this game. It was rumored that he was also at the edge in the previous games against Valencia CF and Elche, though the club didn’t confirm anything.

Depor’s coach addressed the media on Tuesday’s afternoon. He talked to reporters for fifteen minutes. There were a lot of questions regarding the consequences of a defeat, but he avoided the inquiries, though he seemed upset with some of the journalists. He seemed tense and aware of what is stake in this game. Víctor started talking of Insua’s absence from the roster, “The problem is that I had six players for the defence, so I had to choose the best men. I already said that I was going to make changes. Hélder Costa, who has been out for two weeks, Lopo and Medunjanin are entering.”

He later showed his disapproval as a journalist asked of the absence of Insua is a punishment for the errors committed against Getafe, “It’s an annoying question. Do you think that I make the rosters to point out to a player?” He responded.

About the casualties of Cavaleiro and Lucas, he commented that, “It’s a big problem. They bring speed to us. But on Wednesday we will put the men that will be better for the game. We won’t invent any position; it’s just a matter of placing the players in their normal positions.”

The Aragonian coach announced changes, though he didn’t give clues in the training and neither in the press conference, “The team will be very different to the one that played against Getafe, at least numerically. Surely it will change a lot compared to the one that played in Getafe. I don’t know if three, four or five changes.”

Víctor didn’t want to label the game as a final, “It’s one of the most decisive matches on this season. We play before a rival that, if they lose, then they will have less chances to save themselves. So, I consider this game as one of the most important ones on this season. I only think of the points. I’m careless of where the points will come, if they arrive tomorrow then its fine. To add is fundamental. We were unable to add against Getafe, so we must now do it before Córdoba.”

He always tried to avoid the questions regarding his possible destitution, he didn’t even want to confirm if he talked to the president, “I cannot tell you about any conversation with the president. I am not thinking of that, only of winning. I am only worried of what I can control. If you say that I could be fired, then it should be real, but I only think of winning. I cannot think of the place where I will be tomorrow, neither if the fans will whistle us. I can only think of winning.”

“Maye this is the role that I had to assume since my arrival, I can only tell you that my job has been to defend the club until the last consequence. That I was the shied of many things? It’s evident, but it’s the role that I had to live.” He added.

Asked about a lack of attitude in the last games, the veteran coach responded, “We were disconnected in the first half [against Getafe], mainly due to a fear to lose, there was a contemplative behaviour and that’s why we dropped the first 45 minutes, but against Espanyol we were better and missed our chances. We were also plugged against Valencia. So, there isn’t a fixed rule regarding this subject.”

About the rival, he commented that, “Cordoba is a team that has enough resources to be better placed, they had an important policy in the winter market signing attractive players, but the pressure and the need to win is possibly affecting them in the quest for points. We must be highly focused and keep the pace.”

The final question was also related to his possible exit in case of a defeat, once again he avoided the question, “I don’t know what my expiring date is. I can only tell you that the victory will have very positive consequences. I don’t know where this thing will end. I just know that the regeneration needs union and commitment. That’s the only way or the other is to get the guy from Valencia signing big players with big money.”

The new Córdoba’s manager addressed the media on Monday’s noon. He talked a lot about what the game means for his team and how to face it, this after chaining ten straight defeats, “It is a final and we will play it as all the finals should be played. The game is a final without the extra time and the penalties, so we must be mentalized for this. You must play having intensity and controlling every mental state. “

“The game against Deportivo isn’t the last bullet, but truly we need to add the three points and then start reducing the difference in the quest to clinch the goal. This is one of the most important weeks and we have two very important games on Wednesday and during the weekend, it could mark the future of the team.” He added.

The Andalusian coach was insisting that his team needs a mental strength to face the current situation, "The main thing now is the mental management of the team. Every human being, for anything in life, needs a mental balance, we work for it, because they are living several adversities with little time to recover and this creates a callus that turns to be a very negative situation. We work slowly to digest all of this, the sooner the better."

About Deportivo, he said that, “It’s a team that’s living a very similar situation to us; the only difference is the mattress of points that they currently have in order to face the last part of the season. It brings strength to them, but about the rest these two teams are following a very similar path.”

“Deportivo have been playing well, though the last results have been negative. They depend on their midfielders, with Borges and Lucas, who is their main reference, but apart from the duo they have a fixed player up front with Oriol [Riera]” He added.

Finally, Romero explained why Nabil Ghilas wasn’t picked for the meeting at the Riazor, “"It is a sum of all: His physical state and commitment. He had a chance this weekend and now, for the next match, my decision is to leave him out.”




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