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12 Apr 2015
Depor’s coach debut with a big challenge as he tries to get results and at the same time tries to correct tactical situations at the team. Real Sociedad’s coach isn’t thinking of Europe and is worried for Carlos Vela.

Curious situation between Depor and Real Sociedad on this season, the first round game marked the debut of David William Moyes with the Basques, while now Depor are the team debuting a coach as Víctor Sánchez Del Amo is making his first appearance, not only at Deportivo, but also as a first team coach.

Moyes has completed one full round commanding Real Sociedad. His numbers are positive as he achieved seven victories and seven draws in nineteen matches. The Scottish trainer was arriving after a turbulent and short career as the head manager of Manchester United FC. The 51-year-old man never fitted into the shoes of Sir Alex Ferguson and was in charge of the Red Devils for only ten months after failing to put the team in European spots all season long, it was the third shortest managerial run in United’s history.

In the case of Víctor, he was the assistant of Míchel for four years and now he’s debuting as a coach at the elite of Spanish football. The 39-year old man invited his friend David Dóniga to this adventure, the latter is the new second coach and has several studies in physical preparation, training and management of football academies, last year he was working in Bolivia.

The new coach of Deportivo offered his first press conference at the club. He talked for ten minutes to reporters after Saturday’s training held at the Riazor. He started explaining why the roster is composed by twenty players, “For the concentration here at the hotel and for the one in San Sebastián. I believe that in the first game the team needs to be united and we are managing several options in the roster. I was telling the players how difficult is to make a first list with only a few days working. We are trying to seize the moment too and it’s the decision that we made: we travel with twenty in order to take advantage of the trip and make the last adjustments.”

The Madrilenian was explaining what the coaching staff has done within the last three trainings, “We are trying to make an important motivational work and the true is that we are very content with the response from the team. It’s fundamental. We also made a lot of tactical work as we think there are a lot of aspects that need to be improved: offensively, defensively and in set-pieces. We have tried to extend the trainings according to the need of the team, always taking in mind the accumulation of the minutes in recent weeks and we tried to seize the trainings in order to make these adjustments. In today’s training behind closed doors we practiced the set-pieces.”

Despite only completing three trainings, he was saying that already has a clear idea of what he wants, “I have a clear idea and we have been working on that. Since we had little time to prepare the game we had to make an exercise of understanding as we need to focus in the work. The players received the idea pretty well and had a fantastic attitude. I can only thank them for these three trainings. We need concentration and effort, and the group is united and is yielding, surely we will improve all aspects.”

Asked about what the main goal for the game is, Depor’s new coach responded that, “The main goal is that the team can be competitive enough to bring security in all the aspects of the game. We are working on that as this dynamic will bring a lot of points, and in order to achieve this we need to work in all the aspects of the game. We are having a good response from the players.”

“I’m enchanted. Destiny has put us in this situation and the hope is big. It’s a magnificent stadium and without doubt the goal is to add points, and if it can be a victory, the better. We are going there with that idea on mind.” He added.

About Real Sociedad, Víctor commented that, “With the change of coach there was a process to start assimilating the new ideas installed by David Moyes and clearly it’s a team in an ascending line. In the end every coach has his own style and methods, but all are valid. The difference in the results is the time had to develop the job.  With three days working I’m more worried of my team. We have studied Real Sociedad and have all the information. We shared with the players and will continue to do it during the concentration. Right now our worry is our team, it’s fundamental.”

Throughout the press conference he was asked about the possible formation for the game; he never gave a clue and when he was asked if Manuel Pablo is going to play, then the response was, “I cannot respond that question, because we would be giving information to the rival.”

Finally, Víctor talked of what it meant to him to return to the Riazor for Saturday’s training, “It was very special to me when we jumped today to the grass at the Riazor. I shared it with my assistant David [Dóniga] and with Fraganillo. It was a special moment, you see yourself dressed with the shirt of the club and you recall emotive memories.”

Real Sociedad’s coach addressed the media on Friday’s noon. Two things called the attention of his speech; the first is that he sees as distant a possible qualification to European competitions, "We'll try to improve, we always try, but we must be realistic.”

“We will try to get in Europe and that's my goal; we hope for the Champions League or at least the Europa League, but the top teams are very competitive and everyone will understand how complicated it is. I think Europe is far away, but we'll keep trying, all we can do is to win the next game, but we are also preparing for next season and we must allow all of the players to play and demonstrate what they know.” He added.

The other thing that called the attention was his comments on the injury of Carlos Vela, this after been asked about the state of the injured players, "I hope to have all the players that we can have, Finnbogason may have an injury, Vela has trained a bit but we're not sure about his knee, while it might be too soon for Del La Bella.”

"I'm a little worried because he [Vela] had started training and we bring him to the bench, but apparently this is normal; he has improved, but has not been able to play in the most recent games and it has been somewhat disappointing, but we must ensure that he’s able to play, he has trained with the team today and we would love to have him available for this matchday, but I'm not sure." He added.

The ex-Manchester boss was asked if the victory was necessary to clinch the permanence and he said that, "You're right, we're not mathematically saved, I hope we get the points, the players go through a good moment and have a lot of confidence in themselves, they are tougher and can finish the season in a strong way, higher at the standings and I want to finish with a nice boost."

Asked about the change of coach at Depor, the Scottish man said that he’s pending to know what the Galicians will do in the game, “It’s very similar to what happened against Córdoba, we don’t know if they are going to change the system or the players. It’s difficult to know, we can only prepare better our team in order to avoid the surprise.”

Finally, Moyes said that he isn’t planning in doing changes at the lineup though he’s tempted to do it in order to see players ahead of next season, “I would like the chance to see all the players and it may not be possible, because we want to finish the season strong, and I'd like to choose when to allow people to play and show things, you have to find the balance, but it's not easy."



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