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20 Apr 2015
Frustration and little answers after Deportivo returned to relegation in a new wasted game at the Riazor. Coach Víctor Sánchez was trying to rescue the reaction in the second half, while the players had little to say about it.

Another defeat for Deportivo. The new coach is aware of the problems and wanted to rescue the performance in the second half. Meanwhile, the players didn’t have a convincing answer when they were asked about the current situation of the team.

Coach Víctor Sánchez suffered his first defeat with Depor, he admitted the bad game of his team, but was hopeful as the tie was close to arrive in the end, “We will now re-watch the game to analyze it and see all the situations that we need to fix. Doing a bad game, because I believe we made a bad game though we improved in the second part, we had our options and were fighting until the end. We lost 1-2 before an important team like Atlético Madrid. It says that we aren’t far from competing against big teams.”

“It’s true that in the first half things weren’t fine, but the team had the capacity to react as it was shown last week in Anoeta and we tried until the end. There’s a situation of tension at the team and we are working to recover the group. I’m convinced and we are confident. The situations that we have worked for the second part were pretty fine. In the first half it was hard to display the football that we wanted. We were trying to move the ball on the sides with our full-backs and that movement was hard to complete. And the key was there: we didn’t have the capacity to move the ball on the sides as we wanted. In the second half we gave more freedom to Juanfran and Luisinho in the quest of finding the depth and width.” He added.

The Madrilenian man was explaining his plan with the starting formation, “Our idea was that both Lucas and Iván [Cavaleiro] were getting into the centre in order to balance the superiority. We tried to play the game on the sides and seize the opportunities with our two strikers, also with the secondary plays taking advantage of the centralization of players, but we failed in the movement of the ball. We must remain calm as the players made a big sacrifice. We will keep working an improving.”

Finally Víctor emphasized, again, the reaction on the team in the second half, “We are not looking at the standings. We are looking at the game. We will prepare the next game as we prepared this one and the one at Anoeta. We cannot be conditioned by this situation. The team has demonstrated that it can stand up. Without making a good game today the reaction of the team in the second part was positive and it’s the impression that must remain. Today we were facing a big rival and we were one goal away from getting something positive.”

Álex Bergantiños was commenting the game, “I believe we weren’t fine in the first half. We allowed two goals in the first part and during the week we talked of avoiding these situations: a secondary play and a throw-in. In the end, if you concede that score to a team like Atlético Madrid, then it’s more difficult. We reacted in the second part and scared them with that goal. Their goals damaged us and we weren’t effective with the passes and with our attacks.”

The midfielder was asked if there’s optimism with the current calendar and with the team back in relegation, he responded that, “Clearly it’s a difficult situation, six games are remaining and we aren’t going to give for free the away games. We must win in Malaga and Elche, there’s enough margin to save ourselves.”

Toché was saying that Depor shouldn’t’ have conceded those goals in the first half, “The first half was a pity. They scored childish goals. We knew they were dangerous there and we failed, later it was more difficult. In the end we missed some luck to get a point.”

The Murcian attacker also talked of the feelings of the players inside the changing room, “It isn’t a big hit, but truly we wanted to get something positive, because we were coming from a negative dynamic. A victory would have meant a morale boots. Now we must keep fighting.  We wanted to avoid this moment, but it arrived and now we must travel to Malaga to get the points. The team is feeling screwed.”

Sidnei Rechel commented that, “We faced a big team, we knew what we were going to meet, but we didn’t clinch the result. We are aware of the quality of Atlético, also that they are strong in the aerial game, unfortunately we allowed two goals.”

The Brazilian is aware that the next games are going to be complicated, “No matter we play at home or away, we all know that the remaining games are difficult. We face two straight away matches and must work hard to get the results. “

At Atlético Madrid, Diego Simeone commented the game, “I believe we made a very good first half, with a solid balance and a fluent game, they grew up and evidently, with the enthusiasm from the rival, there was a sense of danger at the end.”

He also commented his expulsion in the first half, “I was protesting because I believed that Sidnei deserved the yellow. The fourth official saw my protest and the referee sent me off. I should behave different with this referee.”

Defender Jesús Gámez wasn’t too happy as Depor were close to tie the game in the final minutes, “We had options of scoring more goals, like a triple opportunity in the second half and look what happened in the end, we neither were so comfortable nor had the game under control. We were focused and had to sentence the game, we didn’t do it and suffered.”



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