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23 May 2015
Depor’s coach sees the game as an opportunity and not as a menace for the players. He also hinted that Canella will be a starter. Luis Enrique wants to use the game as a preparation for the upcoming finals in liga and Champions.

Luis Enrique Martínez García is a former well-known player that was one of the few ones that won La Liga trophy playing for both giants Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. He completed 400 appearances as a professional player and also made 62 appearances with Spain’s national team scoring 12 goals.

His stage as a coach began in 2008 coaching Barcelona B. After a failing period with Serie A club AS Roma he landed in RC Celta on last season and made a great job leaving the team at the ninth position. Then the Asturian man was hired by FC Barcelona as the replacement of ‘Tata’ Martino singing a two-year contract.

In recent months Luis Enrique was criticized for some results and for a commented conflict with players like Messi, but the true is that his Barcelona had a sensational start in 2015 and already clinched the title in liga and are waiting to complete the treble with the Copa Del Rey and the Champions League. Now the attention is focused if he will continue ahead of next season, something that the fans are wishing.

This is his first meeting as a coach against Víctor Sánchez Del Amo, who is just coming after achieving his first victory at Primera and as a main coach. Curiously both men were on the pitch the last time that Deportivo defeated FC Barcelona at the Camp Nou: October 18, 2003 (0-2).

Deportivo’s coach addressed the media on Friday’s noon. He was saying that the main target of the team is to please the fans and clinch the salvation, “For us the fans are fundamental. We love them. The ones that were part of this club in the past have the clear idea that anything we can give back to the club is too little to what the fans deserve.”

He was confident and assured that the planning for the game is done, “Everything is done. All the concepts are done and are we hopeful about the game. The major hope of a player is to play important games, this means to play big games in order to achieve important things. Fate marked that this opportunity is here and it depends on ourselves.”

Later he explained what happened to Juanfran, “We must understand that a fracture is really painful; despite it’s in the hand you need it to make all the movements in a game. You cannot touch the ball, but you need it to run and for any contact. He made a test trying to simulate the game and using a protection, but it’s too complicated and we need to be 100% ready for that game, because every player will give his100% in the dispute of the ball.”

The Madrilenian man was asked about the test made with a 4-5-1 draw and he responded, “We also worked the habitual system, We also worked the 4-4-2 and also an interesting option taking in mind the characteristics of the rival. Just like we did in all the games, but always respecting our style, without making a revolution, because it wouldn’t work. We are just making some adjustments that we think can work with this rival.”

Asked about the Barcelona that he’s expecting to meet, he commented that, “We are waiting for the best. We have prepared ourselves thinking of the best Barca. Maybe the players with less minutes don’t have the label of world stars, No matter who will be a starter they are great players, all of them. We prepared the game not thinking of the names, but that it’s a great club.”

Then the coach hinted that Canella will be a starter, “He has all of our confidence, from both, the coaching staff and the partners, because he’s a great professional. He was unlucky to not be part of the rosters and therefore to not have minutes, we arrived in the middle of the season and the situation continued to be the same. But during the trainings he’s one of those players that make you feel annoyed for not putting him into the roster, because he’s a demonstration of professionalism. I’m sure he will make a solid game.”

Víctor denied the idea that the team is feeling the pressure of this delicate moment, “The team is facing the game with hope, because we have a fantastic opportunity. Beyond everything we are living the dream of taking part of professional football, playing important games and seeing the fans supporting you in every game. That’s precious. We don’t see it as a menace and neither as a pressure.”

He also gave his opinion on the work of Luis Enrique, who was his team mate at Real Madrid. “They made a very good season. It’s easy to say it now that they are the champions. Luis Enrique and I were team mates at Real Madrid, I was promoted to the first team and he was already a reference for the academy players. He’s an example of professionalism, he was a reference for Guti and I and all those players that were coming out from the academy. He’s a fantastic coach.”

Depor’s coach didn’t want to comment on the chances of clinching the salvation and neither of what he expects from other matches, “We are only worried of our game. I am only thinking of our game. I am not looking to other fields and neither at the standings. This is a real final. Our energy is focused in the preparation of our game.”

There was a question regarding the reason why Fariña and Cuenca, two signings considered as important back on last summer, are out of the roster for this game: “The roster is composed by nineteen players and this is what the coaching staff has decided. There are no physical problems.” He answered.

Finally, Víctor was talking of the offensive potential of the rival, “We prepare the games trying to score goals and trying to avoid the rival to do it. The offensive potential of Barca is huge, but Barca already ended scoreless in a game at the Camp Nou during this season. It’s a low probability, but it isn’t a utopia.”

Barcelona’s coach offered his press conference on Friday’s noon (almost at the same time than Víctor). The major part of the conversation with journalists was related to Xavi Hernández, who announced his retirement the day before.

About the game against Depor the only things he said are that there will be rotations at the lineup, also that Xavi will be a starter and that Vermaelen will have the chance to debut. He didn’t confirm if the Belgian will be a starter, though it’s the prediction for the game.

Later he was explaining how this game was planned after winning the league, “It is made in the most professional way, clearly thinking that there's a party but previously there’s a game. It's a game that interests us to do it well, a match that must serve us to strengthen the team ahead of the two finals that we still have, I have no doubt that the team will be at a good level."

He isn’t worried about the fact that the finals in Copa and Champions League are just separated by one week, "Can I change it? No, so the best dates are those ones. Motivation is 100 percent, maybe too much and we need to put the brakes on it. We're close to touching the objective."



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