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13 Jun 2015
Deportivo have completed three moves so far: Juan Dominguez’s renewal, plus to pay for Saúl García and Celso Borges. Tino Fernández said that the next signings should be completed before Tuesday.

Three moves have been completed ahead of the season 2015/16. The first was to sign Saúl García, the left-back was signed from Racing Santander in December after the club paid €200,000. He signed a contract until 2019 and will join the team in the pre-season after spending the last six months loaned at the Cantabrian club.

The second move was to pay for Celso Borges. The midfielder arrived loaned during the winter window, now that the permanence has been secured the club paid €300,000 to Nástic Tarragona through an investment found. The player is now linked to Depor until 2017. A third move was to extend the contract of Juan Dominguez. The midfielder was ending contract on June 30 and this extension is for three additional seasons.

On Friday the club presented the second phase to increase the club capital and, during an improvised press conference, president Tino Fernández talked of signings. First to all he commented that a new signing should be announced within the next four days, “We are counting in announcing a singing during the weekend, or if not it will be on Monday or Tuesday.”

He also assured that the club are still negotiating to sing Lucas Pérez on a final transfer, “He knows that our interest is to see him staying, and we will try to solve the obstacles that are preventing to see him staying, but always trying to not affect the salary cap. One of the ways that it affects the salary cap is how you make the payments, and that’s what we are doing: to see that a move doesn’t mean to make a step backwards regarding the salary cap.  Still, we want to see him staying.”

On the same Friday, Sportpaper Deporte Campeón reported that Depor and Diogo Salomão have a three-year agreement pending to see the winger terminating his contract with Sporting CP. Fernández was asked about the subject, and he confirmed the interest in keeping not only the winger, but also striker Oriol Riera, “Evidently these are two cases that interest us. Both are different cases and their names are on our notebook. We will see if both end playing at Deportivo.”



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