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26 Jun 2015
The biggest soap opera on last season is promising to live a second chapter for the campaign 2015/16. Lucas Pérez wants to stay and Deportivo want him back too, but the negotiations with PAOK FC are going to be hard.

Despite the injuries that affected him at the start of the season, Lucas Pérez was considered to be a good addition to Deportivo during the past campaign, to the point that he’s now considered as a priority for the season 2015/16.

The player also wants to stay, but it doesn’t mean that it won’t be easy to see him returning. First to all to remember the long negotiations on last season as not only PAOK FC was involved in the operation, but also Karpaty Lviv.

The fact that there was a €2.5 million Euro buyout option invited to think that things could be simpler at the moment of negotiating his continuity, the problem is that Depor cannot afford that amount and must negotiate a new deal with both sides.

There are ongoing negotiations, but an agreement is far to be reached. According to the media in Greece the buyout option of Deportivo is ending this Friday. If the Galicians doesn’t fulfil any payment then they will have to negotiate again under new terms.

In the meantime the player has been picked by new coach Igor Tudor in order to start the pre-season with PAOK FC on July 1st. Last season the player arrived early to A Coruña (two weeks before the South American tour), though with some drama as a late problem kept the signing on bay for a couple of days. On this opportunity it could take longer and the player could join the pre-season of Deportivo after the stage at Hotel & golf club Guitiriz scheduled for the beginning of next month.



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