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18 Sep 2015
Luis Alberto addressed the media on Thursday; the attacker had a great game against Rayo, but confessed that he hasn’t reached his best level. The Andalusian also said that Depor must remain calm despite the good start in liga.

The feelings are positive at Deportivo after the victory over Rayo Vallecano; Luis Alberto was one of the best players in the game and he addressed the media on Thursday. He started talking of Depor’s moment,
“The true is that we are content. We knew it was a game from our league, where we were trying to add after two good results, and the game was good for us. We were focused since the beginning and returned to A Coruña with the three points.”

Despite the solid start, the Andalusian player believes that Depor must be cautious, “It’s clear that we haven’t done anything yet, I don’t think that any team will be saved with only five points. Yes, the dynamics are good, but we should keep both feet on the ground. It’s a matter of 38 games and this is very long. In May we can talk about been calm, I hope to be calm by April. We are aware that this is just starting, the true is that things have started pretty well and hopefully we will reaffirm this at home.”

About the upcoming game with Sporting, he said that, "We watched their games and we know how they play; Sporting is a team pretty good and go out for everything and surely there will be less space than against Rayo, but we will work to get the three points. We tried to follow the same dynamic that we played and we will try to do the same again. Our intention against Sporting, side that might have more patience leaving less free space, should be to keep our playing style.”

The attacker admitted that he still can improve, especially after been injured, “The true is that it was a strong injury. I tightened and tried to be available for the next game and the coach trusted me. I wasn’t feeling comfortable, but I believe it was good to risk. I only missed one week and trained with pain, but told the coach that I as fine.”

“It worked out and it was good to score a goal and bring a pass, it was important as we added the three points. I haven’t reached my best level, because I haven’t played at 100%. I feel comfortable in the city and in the team, and that’s important in order to offer my football to Deportivo. I still can offer more and hope to keep growing.”

The loanee from FC Liverpool also admitted that he needs to improve at the moment of defending, “The coach asks us to defend with eleven men and to attack with eleven, well better with ten. We must be together in order to block all the roads playing before passing teams. It’s easier to be on the wing when Fernando [Navarro] is there as he spends the time talking to you, his experience is very helpful. I think I have to improve a lot in the defensive aspect.”

Finally, Luis Alberto didn’t want to talk of his failed stage at Malaga CF, this after been asked if he is trying to reaffirm his career, “I don’t even want to talk of what happened on last year, because the true is that I didn’t feel comfortable. Things that I don’t understand were happening; I still don’t understand them. Now I want to focus on this year and transmit confidence to everybody that trusted me.” 




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