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26 Sep 2015
New away victory and the major part of the notes are positive. Depor missed Lucas and Luis Alberto, but Fajr claimed the starring role at the moment of scoring the goals. The doubts with Lux are the only negative thing from the midweek match.

Five positive notes and only one negative after Depor clinched the second away win on the season.  The changes at the lineup allowed Cartabia to show interesting things, while Fajr and Navarro confirmed their status. Lux’s doubts are the only negative issues from the match at the Villamarín.

1- The impact of Lucas & Luis Alberto: Depor won the game, but left a pale impression in attack. It only completed eight shots and it coincided with the fact that both Lucas Pérez and Luis Alberto were benched, duo that before this meeting have scored or assisted in the six goals netted within the period. So the sense is that Depor is a different team in attack without these two men.

2- The role of Fayçal Fajr: Moroccan Fajr is a very important player for Víctor Sánchez, to the point that he is a one of the six men that have played in all the games as a starter. Perhaps his influence in attack passes unnoticed, but in this game, with Lucas and Luis Alberto off, it was him who was directly involved in the goals scoring once and providing an assist. A massive step forward for him.

3- The quality of Fede Cartabia: Argentine Fede Cartabia started the season having a secondary role, and the game with Real Betis was a big chance as he was a starter due to the rotations planned by the coach, and the playmaker seized the opportunity having the best passing ratio in the game (93%), being the most dangerous man in attack, completing three of the eight shots in the game, hitting the woodwork once and scoring a wonderful goal. A good path if he wants to join Luis Alberto and Lucas a very interesting starting trio up front.

4- Fernando Navarro is key in defence: Navarro returned to Seville and gave a new lesson in defence. He was coming after a poor game against Sporting, but he demonstrated that it was only a punctual mismatch. He was marking Joaquín and totally drained the player that was expected to lead the offensive efforts of the locals.

5- The strategy with the crosses: For the second time in a few weeks Deportivo seized a counterattack through a cross from the left that was headed by Borges inside the area. It isn’t a coincidence as the team has been training these actions. Against Rayo Borges ended the play with a curved header, and in this game the ball went longer and he had to head the ball back to see Fajr scoring from close range. Expect to see more of this in the rest of the season.

6-  Doubts with Lux: German Lux looked nervous in the game, just four minutes after the kick-off he gave the ball away and it was close to cost a penalty. Víctor himself admitted that this action might have caused doubts in the players’ minds. Later in the game the Argentine goalie didn’t look secure in a couple of corner-kicks. The debate still open about who should be the starting keeper, though Fabricio just suffered a relapse from his knee injury.



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