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02 Oct 2015
Albert Lopo is aware of the competence at the centre of the defence, but he believes that the rotations might be an advantage for Depor. The Catalan also suggested that Depor must play with the nerves of Granada CF

On Thursday, conceded a press conference. He talked of the competence with Arribas for a starting spot alongside Sidnei at the centre of the defence, “Clearly we all want to play, we all want to be starters and bring up things. The team is responding taking in mind the rotations made by the coach. The competence is healthy and is good for the team, because at this point anyone going out to play is doing a great job. I am willing to help, bring things and play. We all want to be at the starting team.”

“Maybe we are lucky to have rotations. The competence is high and good, so we must be prepared when the opportunity knocks at the door. There’s a good squad, good players and in this position we have good people. I must wait for my opportunity and later seize the chance.”  He added. The centre-back also denied that he’s worried about the matches that he needs to play in order to renew (18 games on this season), “I try to live each day. Yes, it is true that you are resting, but I am not thinking of that.”

The veteran man, who recently fulfilled 400 official games in his career, was later talking of the good moment lived by Deportivo, “Clearly, to see you up there, especially when things are fine and for how we work during the week, it is to be content, because the work done by the team is pretty good, but this is just starting and we have a lot to do. Only six matchdays have passed, the team is fine, but the reality is that a lot still ahead and we must keep on going.”

“It’s to be content to see you up there, we must seize the opportunity that we have, because we have a good group, and we must keep going. We cannot commit the errors of the past, we cannot relax and we neither can suffer what we suffered on last year. You must be ambitious, we must keep adding and thus we will stay at the top. I also believe there will be bad moments and we must be prepared for it.” He added.

There was a question related id he wants to see Depor been the revelation of the season, and the response was,  “What we want is to save ourselves as soon as possible. If we do the right things, as we are doing right now, the better. We must move on.”

Finally, Lopo talked of Granada CF and their pressure for been the last place before this game, “When you start the season in a way in which you shouldn’t, if you aren’t adding points and see yourself at the bottom, then it’s complicated. And if a rival that’s looking good arrives then it’s tough. We must be a complicate rival. We should allow the minutes to pass and seize their anxiety in order to win. We must size the errors that they can commit and win the game.”




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