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07 Oct 2015
6 of the 26 players at Deportivo’s first team are pending to make their official debut on this season. Meanwhile 7 men have taken part of the 7 games played so far, Lux and Sidnei haven’t missed a minute on the pitch yet.

With almost the 20% of the liga tournament already played, coach Víctor Sánchez has already used 20 of the 26 players at the team. Two of the six men that haven’t debuted yet have been out for injury reasons: goalkeeper Fabricio Agosto and right-back Manuel Pablo

About the other four men missing minutes, left-back Saúl Fernández and midfielder Haris Medunjanin have even stayed out of the roster for the seven games played so far, while keeper Manu and winger Miguel Cardoso have been picked at least once, but didn’t have the chance to play.

The coach already demonstrated that he likes to make rotations, but it isn’t probable that any of these six players are going to have an opportunity in the short-term. They could have a chance in December, just when the team starts to play the Copa Del Rey.

At the other side, seven men have played in all the seven liga meetings played so far. Five have always been starters: goalkeeper German Lux, centre-back Sidnei Rechel, left-back Fernando Navarro, centre midfielder Pedro Mosquera and playmaker Fayçal Fajr, while right-back Laure and attacker Lucas Pérez were starters six times and entered as a replacement in one opportunity.

The only two men that have played all the possible minutes are Lux and Sidnei. Four men have only taken part in one match: playmaker Cani, winger Jonás Gutiérrez, plus centre midfielders Juan Dominguez and Álex Bergantiños, the latter is the man with less minutes among the 20 that have played on this start of season (28).

An interesting stat is that 38 players in la liga have already scored an assisted at least once, and five of those men perform for Deportivo: Luis Alberto, Lucas Pérez, Fayçal Fajr, Celso Borges and Juanfran Moreno.

And it’s that Deportivo are presenting solid numbers in la liga. It’s the seventh club with more goals (11) and fifth in terms of shots per game (13.9). At the same time it’s only 12nd in terms of more ball possession (48.4%).

There are also positive stats regarding the defence, the main one is that Deportivo is the team that allows lesser shots per game: 8.4. Exactly ten less than Sevilla CF, the club with more shots allowed per match.  Actually, according to Opta statistics, the 89 shots faced by Depor so are represent the 4th lowest mark among the five big leagues in Europe, only behind Bayern Munich (54), Borussia Dortmund (54) and ACF Fiorentina (56).



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