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01 Nov 2015
Six notes from the draw at the Riazor. Lucas is still scoring goals; Mosquera was the key to explain why the team had a totally different performance in the second half, while the centre-backs were important to stop Atlético’s dangerous attackers.

Despite the poor first half, the performance of Deportivo can be considered as good. After the initial doubts, moment when the game of the centre-backs shone, Pedro Mosquera led the local team and Lucas grabbed a point for the Galicians. Cartabia remains showing interesting things, while Jonás Gutiérrez is having problems to settle into the dynamic of the group.

1- Mixed readings in a big test: The game marked the first visit of one of the big clubs in la liga to the Riazor, there was expectation to meet how Depor were going to play facing this kind of rival, and the Blanquiazul team left mixed feelings, from been a soft and afraid team in the first half it passed to be a combinative and brave team for the second. It was also a consequence of the attitude of an apathetic Atlético. In general, Víctor’s Depor left two impression, a positive one after coming back and earning a point, and the negative impression of the first part with a team that wasn’t ready yet to face a big one.

2- The key was Pedro Mosquera: One of the main reasons to explain why Depor had a different behavior is the performance of Pedro Mosquera. The midfielder just touched the ball in 26 opportunities during the first half but in the second he made 52 touches and the team noticed it. With the ball on his boots Depor knew how to attack and improved it ball possession percentage. Mosquera ended the game as the player with more touches (78) and the second with the best passing ratio (86%).

3- Sidnei & Lopo: Big game by both centre-backs. Sidnei was on the spotlight with his opportune interceptions before a Jackson Martínez that wasn’t a factor in the match. The Brazilian ended the game with 6 interceptions and 5 clearances. Lopo was more unnoticed by the fans, but his work was also important. The Catalan made 5 interceptions and 6 clearances. In this way neither Jackson nor Griezmann were factors in this match.

4- Another great game by Cartabia: Fede Cartabia has been accused for been too much individualist and for disappearing at times in the games, both problems were noticed in this game again, but it cannot hide the fact that he brings things to the team; actually in the second half he was the best player at the team. A real headache for Atletico Madrid with his moves running from the right wing and into the centre. The playmaker completed two of the three shots on target for Depor.

5- Yes, always Lucas:  Lucas Pérez is the most determinant player at Deportivo, in big part of the game he was slipping [Víctor even joked that he should change his boots], but the Galician attacker appeared when Depor just needed him the most. Depor finally have a men that takes advantage of any chance. His sixth goal was worth a point and now he’s a fixed player in attack.

6- Not a good start for Jonás: The last signing during the summer, Jonás Gutiérrez, already played two times and he didn’t look settle. Against Atlético he was a starter for the first time, but was barely noticed after touching the ball 47 times in 68 minutes. It’s also true that he was playing at the centre, just behind Lucas, and he is more effective performing on the wings.



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