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30 Nov 2015
With Depor back in European places, the players were having different opinions about the goal of the team for the season. Meanwhile Víctor believes that Depor should have scored the second goal before.

Coach Víctor Sánchez was content for winning the game, but remembered the wasted occasions, “We are content for the three points, which is the goal of Deportivo: going out for everything in every field. And we congratulated the players for the wonderful game they made. It was under control, we pressed up front and cut the passing lines of the rival. They were coming after a sensational game in Mestalla and my team matched a great level both defensively and offensively.”

“The effort of the players got the deserved reward, which is the victory, but with a few goals taking in mind the chances that we had and with the scare of the last play that was saved by Lux. I believe we made enough chances to have clinched a bigger result.” He added.

Víctor was also explaining the key for the game, “The sensational work done by the players. They gave more than 100%. The team gave everything both in defence and offense and just missed some effectiveness to take advantage of the opportunities that we had. Let’s hope we will be saving this for the next games.”

Cani was satisfied with the result, but admitted that the game wasn’t pretty, “Every time you win you end up content. It’s clear that we made a good game, truly it wasn’t a pretty game, but we knew how to deactivate the key factors of Las Palmas. We also made more chances to have scored the second goal before, but we are content as we defeated a rival that’s also fighting to avoid the demotion.”

The Aragonian man was explaining that the permanence continues to be the main goal of Deportivo, “I believe that the first thing is to save ourselves and, as soon as we can do it, the better. If the goal would be changed it would be seen later. I believe the goal continues to be to save ourselves, without reaching the last game with hurries.”

Juanfran Moreno was more open admitting that the fans are dreaming with the qualification to Europe, “People must dream and enjoy. We must give everything in order to make it possible. Inside the changing room people are content and we must enjoy it.”

Lucas Pérez was very happy with the result, “We are content for the victory. It is a direct rival for us, for the salvation, and the true is that we all are content. The team was perfect, ten points, and we are going back home pretty content.”

The Galician attacker was explained one of the counterattacks that he missed, “My first intention was to give the ball to my partner, Fayçal, but what happened is that the move of the defender and the keeper made me think that I was able to score and nothing, we must improve. Later he gave me that pass and this is the friendship at this team and that’s very important for us.”

About the European aspirations of the team, he preferred to talk of the permanence, “We are up there thank to ourselves, but as soon as we can save ourselves, the better. The rest will come later. Depor are looking to salvation, everything that could come latter it will be welcomed.”

At UD Las Palmas, Quique Setién was explaining what happened in the game, "The defeats always hurt, we haven’t played well. We have had good moments, in others not so great. We faced a team with very clear ideas of solidarity and that defends well, a side that has very defined mechanisms. You cannot steal the ball upfront and any play or long ball was harming us with the two players that were upfront at the beginning and later the same with the changes. We struggled a lot, I'm happy with the work done, besides we had some options, but we lacked lucidity to finish better, with the final pass or shot. I remain with the work done and with some good moments and nothing more. To keep working and score points in the next game. "

"There are still many things to be changed without detracting what the opponent has done, we haven’t understood very well what we had to do, Vicente and Tana have been too far from Roque and the centre backs. We struggled out with the ball, over there we had problems with some losses, and in addition this team is very fast and vertical. We lacked speed and agility.  When you have a team that proposes things then every lost ball means a risk. The worst thing that can happen is when these teams take the lead.” He added.



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