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15 Dec 2015
Depor’s coach wants to keep the same level of recent weeks despite he will make changes, while Llagostera’s boss sees this tie as an impossible mission for his team.

 Josep Oriol Alsina Garcia is a young coach that has been linked with UE Llagostera since 1997. His story is weird as he was the coach in a team that clinched five promotions in eleven years despite not having a proper license.

The 48-year-old man officially left the club during the summer of 2014 after clinching the promotion to Segunda A, this in order to join Girona FC, but moved back in order to be the sporting director and the coach and, after finally getting the license, he was officially named the coach of the team in July. This is his second meeting with Víctor Sánchez Del Amo after the 1-2 loss in the first-leg

Depor’s coach addressed the media on Monday’s noon. He talked to reporters for five minutes and commented the fact of been playing only three days after the draw at the Camp Nou, “The competition is like this, what you already achieved in already accumulated in the count of points and now you must prepare the next game, which is the returning-leg in Copa against Llagostera.”

He explained his expectations on Llagostera, “We are expecting the same line of the first-leg; we watched their last two league games and we have doubts regarding their lineup, because you trend to make changes in these games, but the preparation is the same of the other matches: we analyze the rival waiting for their best version. It was the same for the first-leg.”

The Madrilenian man announced changes for the match, but denied to mention a number of changes at the starting lineup, “It happened in the first game, we seize the fact that we have a large squad that allows us to build up different lineups with the different alternatives and the systems that we have, and with the competence at the squad been so equal then we can make these changes. There will be changes, but it isn’t important to mention the number, because no matter there will be changes what cannot change is the competiveness of the team.”

Víctor was saying that his team isn’t relaxed after the win in the first game, “In our heads there isn’t any word or concept inviting us to follow that path. We are in a pretty competition, we have hope and for this reason we need to face the games with interest, independently of the advantage coming from the first game.”

Later he explained that Cartabia is fine, but that Cani is injured, “Cani is out of the roster as he’s dragging an ankle issue; he fell in today’s training. We don’t want to risk anyone and prefer to see the doctors making more tests to be sure about his condition. Fede is able to start.”

Finally, Víctor was saying that Deportivo must follow the same path of recent weeks: “We must follow the same path. What have been done is right, but we can do better as we have margin to keep growing. We work in order to continue growing.”

Llagostera’s coach was practically throwing the towel before the game; he addressed the media on Monday and was saying that it will be really complicated to pass the tie, “The true is that we don’t have anything to lose, truly the tie is really complicated. We travel there and it will be a good experience, almost unique as we face a Primera team that’s fine like Depor. We will enjoy it because, truly, the most important thing is the next game in liga.”

Actually he was labeling the meeting as an “impossible mission” for his team, “We need a 0-2 before a Depor that’s playing at a very high level. Last weekend we already saw what they did before Barca. If we could label this game as a movie then we would call it mission impossible with Tom Cruise. I saw things grey, really grey.”

“The game in Copa is different and we will face it in order to enjoy, we will fight and work for the game though we have been affected by the injuries. We will travel, we will enjoy it and will compete as we could, so the next game in liga is more important and it is a difficult one. It isn’t bothering us, but it is a game to enjoy in Copa Del Rey.” He added.

The Catalan coach explained that he will have to mix normal starters with players without minutes, because of the injuries, “We will use the game for the players without too many minutes and the ones without any, but we will also have to repeat with players that performed on the weekend and that surely will have to play too on next weekend. It is a week with three games. But it isn’t bothering us, the opposite it is a pride to be able to play the competition against Deportivo, something that we will remember in the future years. Surely players like Pi, Mosquito and Giva will play, players that haven’t had the participation that they deserve, but that are fine in the trainings. Aimar will also play as he is also suspended in liga”

Finally, Alsina explained the Deportivo that he expects to meet, “I expect for the best Deportivo in several years, a team that has tied against Barcelona. A while ago it was a team aspiring to important things: leagues and European copas, now they are their highest level and have reinforced their morale. They are able to do anything, because we never expected to see Barcelona conceding a tie in that game. With or without starters they practically have sentenced the tie, and their players want to demonstrate things to the coach.”




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