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05 Jan 2016
Depor’s president addressed the media after the presentation of Pletikosa. He confirmed that next week the club should close the renewal of Víctor Sánchez, while he also talked of signings and exits.

Depor’s president Tino Fernández and the sporting advisor Fernando Vidal talked to reporters after the presentation of Pletikosa. They talked of several issues, the main one is that it was confirmed that, next week, coach Víctor Sánchez will sign a three-year renewal. The following is a summary of the main things said by them related to the winter window, the coach and the players at the squad.

Tino: “There will be an agreement, because we want to see the coaching staff staying and they also want to stay. On these days it has been difficult due to the busy schedule, there’s a holiday and we travel today and also on Friday, but I would say that, probably, next week we will close the renewal of Víctor. I don’t have doubts that Víctor will continue to be the coach of Deportivo. Probably he will stay three more seasons, which is also the link of this board with the club."

Tino:”About signings, the job of the sporting direction is to be alert of possible arrivals at any time. The only thing for sure is that we have enough euros to make signings, but I cannot tell you if we are going to make them. About departures, we don't have written offers for any player. There are only rumours and it works like that. There could be interest, but there are no offers. As long as there are no offers there is no sense in commenting it."

Vidal: "You never know what can happen in the market, but I believe we will only have a few movements. We could have an exit or arrival, but for now there’s nothing. It's impossible to see Lucas going out during the winter window, because he played before for PAOK. Not even paying the clause. About the rest, there are clauses for it”

Tino: “We presented an important proposal to Fabricio, important for what Deportivo can do, we keep it and there’s no agreement in the beginning as his expectations were different, right now we are liberated to reach an agreement with other keeper or him with another club. It is also true that, as long as we don't reach an agreement with someone else, we are open to reach that agreement. The proposal remains there. We keep the conditions of the offer no matter the injury suffered by the player, if he doesn’t accept then nothing happens. We will be grateful with Fabricio. We can make adjustments, but not too much. In the case the expectations of both sides were really distant.”

Tino: "We are talking with his agent and we are interested in his continuity. For now some things haven’t fitted, but if we reach an agreement then we will do it. We can only say that we are interested in see him staying.”



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