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08 Jan 2016
Depor didn’t play a good game, but the coach and the players were satisfied with the result and also with the reaction witnessed in the second part. Mirandés’ coach was feeling sorry for not keeping the lead.


Coach Víctor Sánchez said that it was expecting for this kind of game from CD Mirandés, “It was what we expected: a rival ready to play in the attacking field and were prepared for it. We also previewed that this tie in Copa is going to be highly disputed and it was demonstrated in the first game as everything will be resolved until the returning match.”

He was also satisfied with the reaction from his team, “We congratulated our players, because they competed at the top playing in a very difficult pitch. We were able to avoid the constant pressure of the rival that bottles the team at your side of the field. We allowed a goal in a set-piece and scored in a set-piece. Stats are tied in this regard, but we are content for the reaction of the team and the ability to surpass the pressure and create more chances than the rival to get a better result. Ninety demanding minutes are waiting.”

Later the Madrilenian coach was commenting the game, “The first half was open, logically the physical aspect also counts. Mirandés pressed us and created dangerous chances plus arrivals with crosses, though without making shots. Meanwhile we created more chances after the goal, actually we spent more time in the opposite half and I believe that we totally dominated the second part creating a lot of chances. We hit the post twice, but we are there.”

Finally, Víctor told to reporters that he didn’t change the draw with the introduction of Cardoso for Manuel Pablo. For him Depor always played 4-4-2, “We kept the same idea in the game and the same system. We made changes with the players, but kept the same system.” 

Captain Manuel Pablo was analysing the match, “It was hard. They have a clear idea about the playing style and attack with many people when they recover the ball. They practice a direct game. In the first part they pressed a lot and it was harder. Maybe things changed in the second part and we were able to attack more. Maybe the weather influenced, but the pitch was fine. Still, we had problems controlling the ball.” 

The Canarian defender was also warning that the second-leg isn’t going to be easy, “Maybe we have a little advantage. But we already saw what Mirandés made in the past tie, so we cannot relax. We will work as harder as we did in this game.”

Álex Bergantiños was seeing the result as something positive, "A draw on the road, in a field like the one of Mirandés, is a good result. It's true we had chances to score the second goal, but the tie remains open and we got a positive result. I believe they were intense at the beginning, it was hard for us to combine, and in the second part they lowered the pace and we started to open the game on the sides and therefore we had more arrivals.”

Albert Lopo scored the equalizer in the game; he was feeling sorry as Depor had more opportunities but failed to win the game, “We were aware of the difficulty of this field. I believe the team had the weight of the match and later we had chances to score more, but now it will be decided at the Riazor.”

“The team went out for the game in the second part and it was noticed on the field. The team had control of the game, it wasn’t possible to score more goals and now everything will be decided at the Riazor.” The Catalan defender added.

Similar were the thoughts of Jonás Gutiérrez, who was saying that Depor played a good game, “We know all the ties are going to be difficult. The Copa is like this and for me to play it again it is something beautiful. They made things harder, but we tried to have the control over the game. They are more used in a smaller pitch and at times things were difficult, but Deportivo made a great game.”

“In the second part they lowered the intensity after locking us in the first half. The game was more open and we tried to find the cracks, moving the ball from side to side and therefore we had the control in the second part. I believe it was a good game by Deportivo.” The Argentine winger added. 

At CD Mirandés, coach Carlos Terrazas was feeling sorry for wasting the initial advantage, though he was content with his team, “The 1-0 would have been an incredible result, but we were able to keep it. In a general sense I am satisfied for the work done by the team, because it is a rival from Primera División and it is difficult to take the ball away from them.”

He was also feeling optimistic ahead of the returning match, “We were better in the first half, but later were unable to win the match as each half was dominated by one team. Still, the draw isn’t a bad result and they would have to defeat us at the Riazor, because I doubt the game is going to end 0-0.”




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