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11 Jan 2016
Bad game in general by Deportivo, the problems to defend the sides, the aerial game and the set-pieces paved the way to the defeat. Fajr and Cartabia failed to impress, while Luis Alberto was the best player.

The following are the six conclusions for the heavy defeat before Real Madrid:

1- The worst game on the season: The big score was not only caused by the errors of the referee and the difference in the aim of o both teams -which were the main explanations offered by the coach and the players after the game- but it is mainly explained by the sum of the errors committed by a Deportivo that, for the first time on this season, it didn’t have a clear picture of what to do on the pitch and the rest was a consequence of it.

2- Defending the sides: There were two tactical errors in the game, the first one was the way in which Deportivo defended the sides. In past opportunities Víctor played with four full-backs playing at the same time as he was taking care of the sides, but in this game he preferred to perform with two offensive players and with Navarro and Juanfran at the back.

The consequence was devastating, because both Navarro and Juanfran were constantly surpassed, not only by Bale and Ronaldo, but also by Marcelo and Carvajal. Real Madrid caused more harm each time it attacked by the sides and it provoked an unbalance in which Arribas and Sidnei were constantly pushed to the sides in order to help their partners, something that only brought more unbalance in defence. In the end two of the goals came this way. The second goal came after Carvajal sent a cross from the left without facing any problem, while in the third goal Ronaldo sent a low cross from the right without any opposition to see Bale scoring.

3- Defending the set-pieces and the aerial game: The second tactical error was the way to defend the set-pieces and the aerial game. Two of the goals came in set-pieces and Sidnei had a poor game anticipating the headers by the rivals. The first goal came after a corner-kick in which no one could clear the ball despite later there was an offside, while the fourth was a header of Bale after a new corner-kick with the Welsh meeting the ball between the mark of Arribas and Sidnei, the latter also failed in the second goal as he lost the mark before Bale, who didn’t have any problem to score with a downward header. The way the centre-backs had anticipated the rivals in past game is one of the keys for the good results and the good run of Depor, now it condemned the team.

4- No response from the bench: Víctor never corrected the problems in defence at half-time despite been pretty evident, instead he preferred to modify the attack with the entry of Jonás for Cartabia. With Deportivo suffering the same problems, the team ending conceding three new goals.

5- Another poor game by Cartabia: Seventh appearance as a starter for Cartabia and once again he failed to impress. He only touched the ball in 27 opportunities and was replaced at half-time as the Argentine neither helped in attack nor brought the needed aids to Juanfran. He leaves the impression of been a revulsive that only has an impact entering as a substitute.

6- Fajr down, Luis Alberto up: Two players that had a strong start on the season and that later went out of the formations due to different reasons are Fayçal Fajr and Luis Alberto. In the case of the Moroccan it was for tactical reasons and in recent games his presence passed almost unnoticed, perhaps due to the fact that Víctor is still pushing him to perform as a winger, position in which he often disappears.

Meanwhile, Luis Alberto returned into the starting formations after facing physical problems and continues to grow. In this game he was the better player, completing 6 of the 18 shots by the team and, together with Arribas, it was the Depor’s player with the more touches in the game (63). His association with Lucas should be vital for the coming games.

7- Lucas missing to score: After the historic run of Lucas scoring in seven straight matches, he has been scoreless in the last three and the point is that he missed clear chances in those meetings. In this match he had a big chance at the beginning and when the score still was 0-0. His goals have been vital for Depor and the team suffers when he lacks aim.



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