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12 Jan 2016
Both coaches say that they want to win the game and practice offensive football. Víctor isn’t worried for the last loss in liga, but for the conditions that he will meet in this match.

Carlos Terrazas Sánchez is a veteran trainer better known for his stage at CD Guadalajara. The Basque man has been the coach of Bilbao Athletic –Athletic B- in two different opportunities (1996-99 & 2001-02). Besides working with Athletic B and CD Guadalajara, he has coached other eight clubs, and before 2007 his only success was to achieve the promotion to Segunda A with Burgos CF, it was during the season 2000/01.

His golden period started in 2007 after joining Andalusian club Real Jaen CF; club that he put at the promotion playoff to Segunda A, later he resigned due to a health problem and returned to work one year later taking the job at f CD Guadalajara, club that he surprisingly promoted to Segunda División. It was after an impressive second round at Segunda B, which included a comeback in the final playoff series against CD Mirandés. Thanks to him the club from Castile-La Mancha reached the second division of Spain for the first time in their history.

Terrazas stayed there for three years and resigned after CD Guadalajara were demoted due to an administrative problem. Ironically he ended signing for CD Mirandés, which was his big rival in the promotion playoff. He was hired as the head coach on December 17, 2014 after Gonzalo Arconada was fired due to the poor results. Since then he has kept the team out of relegation and now it is close to the promotion seats. This is his second meeting against Víctor Sánchez after the 1-1 draw of the first-leg.

Depor’s coach addressed the media on Monday’s afternoon. He told to reporters that the team already forgot the defeat in liga, but was worried regarding the attendance to the Riazor, “It is already forgotten. Once the game is over you are already in the next match as you are facing two competitions.”

“It isn’t easy for the players to be 100% ready for this game and we talked about it during the morning, because it is probable that the attendance isn’t going to be the same of a normal weekend, but these are the circumstances and we cannot wait for something coming from the outside. All we can do is to compensate it with effort and aim inside the pitch.” He added.

He was warning about Mirandés and their offensive approach, “We were aware the tie was going to last 180 minutes, 90 minutes are remaining at the Riazor to pass to quarterfinals. They play the same inside or outside their stadium, always playing with the same dynamic and attitude, besides their stats playing on the road are phenomenal. We have high hopes in the Copa, it is pretty and let’s see how far can we go. Tomorrow’s game is vital for it.”

Depor only need a 0-0 draw, but for the coach the main thing is to go out for the victory, “We cannot deny that a goalless draw is enough, but the team doesn’t know the meaning of going out to draw a game. The goal is always to go out and win.”

It called the attention the fact that both Pletikosa and Medunjanin were left out of the roster, the coach just said that, “The only ones with physical problems are Fabricio, Celso Borges and Jonathan Rodríguez. The rest are fit. He [Pletikosa] is ready to play, that’s why he traveled to Madrid, what happens is that we travel with three goalies for the away meetings and Pletikosa still has a bit in the physical and tactical sense, but this is the roster for the game, these are the players that we consider are the right ones for the clash.”

He denied the idea that Arribas is going to plays this game just because he is suspended in liga, “It has nothing to do. We plan the Copa thinking of the Copa, not in the suspensions and neither in the minutes they could have. We only think of the Copa.” 

Finally, Víctor was making a balance in liga, “There are positive things and other that aren’t too positive, we need to focus on this in order to grow. Among the positive things are the numbers of added points, the good impression and the solidity in defence, plus a positive balance between goals scored and allowed. We need to improve our effectiveness and translate the dominion into more opportunities and later seize them. Over there you can find a point that can be improved. We are far from relegation, which is our measure, and with the goal of the permanence on, as far as we can be from the pit, the better.”

Mirandés coach addressed the media on Monday’s noon. He admits that it’s difficult to pass to the next round, but also said that the tie is open, “We know the tie is complicated due to the entity of the rival. We are going to play against a rival from Primera División that’s making a great season, so the demands are high, but the tie remains open and the result that we got at home allows us to travel to a Coruña dreaming of making a great game and reach the next round.”

The Basque man was saying that his Mirandés is ready to practice an offensive game, “We are aware that if we don’t score a goal then we won’t pass the tie, but we were under the same circumstances in Málaga and it is what we must do: to play the game looking to the opposite goal and never hiding.”

He rested importance to the stat that Mirandés is getting better result playing away than at home, “For us it is the same playing at home or away. We drew here with Deportivo and our performance is pretty similar playing on here or on the road. In that sense I believe we can have an equal tie until the end. It will be good for our interests.”

The coach told to reporters that he hasn’t decided yet the lineup for the game, “I haven’t decided yet. There are a lot of options and must think of it. Tomorrow I will decide.” While he confessed that he has no clue on what Depor will do, “I have no idea on what players will Deportivo present or what lineup will they use, what I know is that they will do anything they can to pass the round, just like us. We are hopeful of reaching the quarterfinals and will do everything for it.”

He doesn’t think that the big loss before Real Madrid will affect Depor; actually he thinks it could be the opposite case, “It could even be positive for them, because they will be willing to make a good game and redeem a defeat that was a bit too big for the merits they did.”

Finally, Terrazas said that he is satisfied as his Mirandés clinched a victory and two draws in the first three games of 2016, “We knew that the start of the year was going to be very demanding, in just six days we have played with three teams that were at Primera just six months ago: Córdoba, Almeria and Deportivo itself. And we had a good performance and are willing to continue in the same way.” 




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