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13 Jan 2016
Terrible farewell to Copa Del Rey as Deportivo suffered a new big loss, this time before Segunda club CD Mirandés. Zero shots on target –one hit the woodwork- is a clear reflection of Depor’s game.

Víctor presented the expected 4-3-3 formation for the game, perhaps the only novelty was that Jonás Gutiérrez was performing towards the left wing and not the right as it was predicted. Manu was the starting goalie, Laure covered the right side in defence, Luisinho played at the left, then the central positions were for Róber Pier and Albert Lopo.

Juan Dominguez performed towards the right wing, Pedro Mosquera played at the centre and Jonás completed the trident at midfield territory, then Miguel Cardoso, Fede Cartabia and Oriol Riera were the three attackers.

At CD Mirandés, coach Carlos Terrazas presented the expected 3-4-3 draw, there were novelties at midfield like the presence of Íñigo Eguaras and Néstor Salinas, but the trio up front was the expected one: Marco Sangalli, Abdón Prats and Álex Garcia.

Poor first part by Deportivo. The Galicians simply did nothing throughout the half, unable to create danger or complete a shot, the only way they found to reach the opposite area was through the counterattack. Mirandés were much simpler and had the lonely shot on target in this part, enough to score a goal.

Mirandés had the better sense of control in this game; there were cracks for both teams at midfield, but it was the visiting side the one anticipating the movements of the rival and therefore stepping into the rival’s area with a better perspective, though later they were missing the last pass.

Depor were looking better playing on the counterattack, though they were also missing the last pass. The best example was the action at minute 13 in which Cartabia didn’t arrive in time to collect a drilling pass by Mosquera.

The visiting team also had arrivals through the counterattack, in one of them Róber cleared a dangerous cross by Sangalli (15'). That action was responded with the first shot for Depor in the game, it was Laure who headed the ball out after finding a loose ball at the left side of the area.

The pace was high, but the lack of precision was converting the game into a boring meeting. Cardoso, Cartabia and Jonás were looking fine at the moment of combining, mainly in the counterattack, but later Deportivo weren’t creating scoring opportunities.

And Depor paid a high price for its miseries, because five minutes before half-time, the locals allowed a goal. It was a counterattack with Sangalli assisting Daniel Provencio, who didn’t hesitate in firing a low shot that Manu couldn’t block.

Perhaps it was too much for Mirandés, side that neither had depth in attack (only one shot on target in this half), but that at least it was ordered. The goal meant that Depor were eliminated at this point, needing a goal to tie the aggregate score and two to win the match.

No reaction from a pale Deportivo that made changes but that soon allowed a second goal. Even Lucas entered the field, but not even then the team reacted and ended suffering a new heavy loss. Deserved outcome.

Víctor ordered two chances at half-time, Álex Bergantiños and Luis Alberto replaced Juan Dominguez and Cardoso. Dominguez was disappeared in the first part, to the point that the defenders were forced to cover his back in several opportunities, while Cardoso was too individualistic in the few chances that the Portuguese had.

Depor had more vitality in the start of the second part, but the locals continued missing depth to end the plays and suffered a massive hit after Mirandés scored the second goal. It was lateral free-kick by Abdón Prats that Ortiz tried to head inside the area, he failed, but the curved shot went in without been touched by anyone.

Now Depor were needing three goals, because the away goal rule was giving a huge advantage to Mirandés, so Víctor decided to send Lucas in order to replace Jonás Gutiérrez and the team started to play with a 4-4-2 scheme.

The Galicians had their best attackers on the pitch, but still were missing ideas to create scoring chances. Actually Mirandés were closer to score, as the action of Sangalli that he sent wide (65’). The first big change for Depor was an assist of Lucas to Cartabia; the Argentine was left alone before Raúl Fernández but he couldn’t control the ball properly and the goalie got it.

And soon Mirandés killed the tie with the third goal. It was a copy of the first goal as Sangalli led a counterattack and assisted Provencio, who again fired without opposition, this time a high shot, that again was impossible for Manu.

The tie was solved now despite Depor pressed a little with the shot by Álex Bergantiños that hit the crossbar after been assisted by Luis Alberto (73’). This was the second clear -and the last- opportunity for Depor in the game, too little for a side aspiring to big things.

Neither CD Mirandés did too much, but they were much ordered and simply knew when to strike and how to manage the game. They even could have scored the fourth at the last minute, but the chance of Álex García was cleared by Manu.

Terrible game for Depor, to the point that this is the worst defeat in Copa Del Rey playing at home facing a rival from a lower league. CD Mirandés did their job and maybe didn’t have enough chances to deserve a big score, but they have them while Depor only had two and just when the score was already 0-2.

Depor with a grey elimination from Copa with a 1-4 aggregate score. On Saturday the Galicians kick-off the second round in liga visiting Real Sociedad (Anoeta, 22h05 CET).

Deportivo: (4-3-3) Manu - Laure Lopo, Róber, Luisinho – Juan Domínguez (Álex Bergantiños 56’), Mosquera, Jonás (Lucas 61’) – Cartabia, Oriol Riera, Cardoso (Luis Alberto 46’).
Mirandés: (3-4-3) Fernández – Lazaro (Rúper 68’), Ortíz, Cantero – Moreno, Provencio, Eguaras (Kijera 76’), Néstor (Ion Velez 71’) – Sangalli, Prats, Álex García.
Venue: Riazor (11,393)
Goals: 0-1: (40’) Provencio, 0-2: (55’) Prats, 0-3: (70’) Provencio
Referee: Alejandro José Hernández Hernández. He showed yellow card to Lázaro (61’), Lopo (75’) & Lucas (82')
Other statistics: Ball possession (55% - 45%); Attempts to score (6 – 2); Total shots (10 - 9); Shots on target (0 - 4); Saves by the keepers (1- 0); Corner-kicks (5 - 4); Offsides (0 - 1); Fouls committed (13 - 9); Passing accuracy (83% - 82%)



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