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14 Jan 2016
Laure called the game a humbling experience, while Víctor insisted that he warned about the rival. The coach seems to be relieved after avoiding a busier calendar, while the non-habitual players are sad for missing a chance to continue playing.

Coach Víctor Sánchez was trying to explain this new heavy loss, “We warned about it. Mirandés is a team that competes pretty well, both at their field and also on the road. It eliminated Málaga, a team that was also in a good run, and we were prepared, but nothing more to say.  Only to congratulate Mirandés as they were totally superior in the game, they dominated the secondary plays and later arrived at ease, while we didn’t find the room for it. They surpassed us, we can only congratulate the rival and think of la liga.”

He said to be upset for losing in this way after the performance in the first-leg, “The thing that upsets me is that, in the first-leg, in a more complicate field, with less space, the team interpreted the plan pretty well and we could have obtained a much better result. And today we didn’t make the right things and it’s hard to compete if you aren’t 100% ready. We didn’t match the level of the first-leg, while the rival was doing it and they just surpassed us.”

Asked if two straight heavy losses are going to affect the spirit of the squad, Depor’s coach said that, “Logically the defeats always affect, but we are here for that. We must learn and will obtain conclusions from this game. It is surprising, but it isn’t a novelty as it’s normal that teams from lower leagues eliminate Primera sides. We must continue working in order to get a lesson, something that that we will surely do. I just release a warning: if we don’t compete at 100% while the rival does it then it ends to be more difficult.”

The Madrilenian coach was asked if he was disappointed with the players that performed in this game, “The lineup was almost the same and the team had a different behaviour, so for us… We controlled the first-leg and only missed the goal, while tonight we lasted until minute 70 to make a shot on target.  It is a very hard statistic when the goal was to keep a clean sheet and score a goal.”

Víctor was asked again if he was disappointed with the team and also assured that the Copa was a distraction, “We are all disappointed, but aren’t pointing to anyone. We are a team for better and worse and today it was the worst. It’s was a matter of getting up and work harder. The positive reading is that we forget of the busy calendar in January and can focus in liga. Of course we were hopeful of the Copa, but it also drains you and it can have consequences in liga, now we don’t have it and therefore it is a matter of focusing in la liga.”

Luisinho was commenting the game, “It was a bad game by our side. We were hoping to pass, but Mirandés were better than us. Now we must think of the game against Real [Sociedad]. We suffered after the 0-1 and you know that is difficult to score against these teams, it was hard to tie and they continued to score.”

The Portuguese assured that, despite the heavy defeat, then team wasn’t caught by surprise, “We weren’t surprised, we knew they were a competitive team that puts a high pressure. We knew what we were going to find, but we weren’t able to do it. When you suffer and are anxious to score then it is more difficult. It was hard and it wasn’t our day.”

Álex Bergantiños admitted that the team didn’t match the expectations, “We didn’t have the needed intensity for the game, facing a strong rival and that was intense. It wasn’t our day. They interpreted the game properly with their intensity and direct game and were better than us. We thought the game was going to be different that the first one, but they put the game in the spiral that they wanted. They were superior in secondary plays with their particular system of three centre-backs.”

The midfielder also felt sorry as the team missed the chance to advance in this competition, “It was a pretty opportunity, having a long squad and been fine in liga. It was a big opportunity to reach the farthest round in this competition and it is a disappointment. We weren’t expecting for this, but as I told you: we didn’t match the expectations and now we must change what happened in the last games and return to be the solid team of the first round.”

Laure said that it was a humbling experience for the team, “The feeling is bad, but we can only learn. These kinds of games are a humbling experience and must think that in the next game we must go out for the three points. They made a great game, pressing us a lot, so we had problems in the output of the ball and were unable to make damage.”

“We are a little sad as we lost a good opportunity to see everyone playing and to advance, because we have a complete team and it was good for everyone the competiveness. It is a sad moment, but since tomorrow we must think of Real Sociedad. It’s a pretty bad result and are leaving with a bad feeling, but these situations are also helpful as we must think that, maybe, we didn’t’ plan the game as we should or we went out in a different way.” The right-back added.

At CD Mirandés, coach Carlos Terrazas was pretty content with his team, “We made the perfect game and were superior to the rival in all the facets of the game. The score clearly reflects what the game was. The team had order, but also talent. Today the order of Mirandés had talent as we have very good players.”

“We thought that it was an equal tie and that until the last minute we were going to be between the elimination and the qualification, we didn’t think that it was lost as we saw us with options of passing the round, but definitely the 0-3 wasn’t entering into our calculations.” He added.



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