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16 Jan 2016
Depor’s coach expects to improve the results of the first round and believes that Depor isn’t in a bump after the last results. Meanwhile Real Sociedad’s coach is expecting for the best version from Deportivo.

Eusebio Sacristán Mena is a well-known former player of FC Barcelona, RC Celta and Real Valladolid that conquered several trophies during his career. He won one UEFA Champions League, one Copa Del Rey and four liga titles playing for the Catalans, all of this within the years 1988 and 1995.  He also played fifteen times with Spain’s national squad and was part of the team for the UEFA Euro 1988, although he didn’t took part of any match.

He retired in 2002 at Real Valladolid; at the time he was 38 and ended with an impressive mark of 543 La Liga appearances, the second-best mark at Primera División, only behind legendary goalkeeper Andoni Zubizarreta. Then he opened a football school in Valladolid and also obtained his coaching degree and, within the years 2003 and 2008, was part of Frank Rijkaard's staff at FC Barcelona.

His first experience as the head coach of a football team was at RC Celta de Vigo; he was hired as the replacement of Pepe Murcia for the season 2009/10 and, despite achieving the permanence at Segunda, he didn’t renew his contract due to some personal problems with the club’s officials. During the summer of 2011 the Valladolid-born man was named as the successor of Luis Enrique at Barcelona B as the latter decided to join Italian outfit AS Roma. He stayed there for four years until been sacked in February of 2015.

Nine months later he received a call from Real Sociedad and replaced David Moyes. He debuted at Primera with a 2-0 win over Sevilla CF, but only won two of the next nine games and suffered the elimination on Copa before UD Las Palmas. This is his first meeting against Víctor Sánchez Del Amo.

Depor’s coach addressed the media on Friday’s noon. He arrived 30 minutes late as there was a meeting with the sporting direction (Richard Barral). He started talking of his expectations for the second round and of the rival, “It’s a game from our league. We start the second round with the highest hope. Nineteen matchdays ago we started the league with the same hope and now we start the second in a good position, now we have the same hope but in a much better position. We are ready to face a match from our league facing a rival that has improved after the change of the coach. We will try to improve the results of the first round.”

Asked if Real Sociedad should be in a better position, he responded, “They have the potential, the whole second round is still to be played and nothing can be ruled out as, with this potential, this team has the ability to add a lot of points and get into a better position. “

The Madrilenian coach didn’t want to confirm if Lopo will be a starter now that Arribas is suspended, “These are circumstances that always happen in football; injuries, suspensions… and that’s why we have a large squad; if someone can’t play then there’s always somebody available in order to play.” He responded.

Víctor was asked if the meeting with Richard Barral was to talk of signings, “We talked of everything. It’s normal to have these meetings now that the market is open, but don’t ask me for more information because it’s private. We are open to all the opportunities in the market, off course.”

About the state of squad after the last defeats, he commented that, “The group is always willing to do things, they demonstrate it in every training, but what happens is that the errors penalize you. We would love to have regularity in all the games, but we completed the first round and had moments in which the errors have penalized us and we do the same thing: analyse things in order to fix the errors and continue growing.”

He was targeting to improve the results of the first round, “Anything is possible and we must go out trying to add three points in every game. We aren’t content with only repeating the results of the first round, but want to improve. The first round was pretty good and the goal is, game by game, to improve the results of the first round. It won’t be bad if we repeat the numbers of the first round, but we want to improve it. The goal is clear: the permanence, as soon as possible, the better. “

The coach was explaining the reason why Cartabia is out of the meeting, “At the end of the training he was having issues in the Soleus muscle, and experience tells us that you need to be cautious with this muscle, it’s better to avoid risks.”

He denied that the team is in a bump, “We understand that from your position you look for extremes, but we look for balance. Throughout the first round we faced all kinds of situations. The team is following a growing line, all teams have ups and downs, when you have ups we try to stop the euphoria keeping both feet on the ground, and when you face low moments then you need to work in order to improve the things that weren’t done right.”

Finally, Víctor was talking of the dependency in Lucas Pérez, “It’s one of the points that we want to improve: to materialize the clear goal opportunities. The numbers are good, because it’s important to have balance between the goals scored and allowed, mainly for a team of our characteristics, but we cannot stop there and must try to improve. We need to avoid having a scoring dependency in one person, the important thing is the group; as long as we can have more scorers, the better.”

Real Sociedad’s coach addressed the media on Friday’s noon. He started talking of Deportivo, “We worked this week in order to remain strong before a good rival like Depor, a rival that made a very good first round, with a positive dynamic and you can see that they have a good spirit after all they lived on last season. It’s a rival to have in mind and we must be prepared. We need to keep the attitude and let’s hope that tomorrow we can compete and get the victory.”

About the victory over Valencia, the Valladolid-born man commented that, “It was one more step compared to what the team demonstrated in past games, one more step as we are working fine with the pressure. Without that pressure against Valencia… the work done was useful to minimize their offensive potential. And by having the ball it brought a balance that allowed us to attack in a more coordinated sense. For me it was one more step and it’s a long way, because there are details that we still can improve.”

He was commenting that Real Sociedad should expect to meet the best version of Deportivo, “It’s a Depor that, after living a very good first round, the fact they didn’t have good results in this last phase it surely makes them to prepare this game with all the mentality to change the situation, so it is a dangerous rival that demonstrated in the first round that they can do important things, so I stick to this Depor and I am expecting to meet this Depor. They are intense, dynamic and joyful. They press you at your side of your pitch, but it’s also a team that, when they cannot stop the rival, then the defensive line is closed and damage the rivals in the counterattack.”

About Víctor Sánchez, he commented that, “He is a coach that, since arriving to Depor, brought good sensations and you can see that he manage properly the resources and allowed to see a team passing from a situation of suffering at the bottom to now be dreaming in making an important jump.”

Finally, Eusebio didn’t give any hint of the lineup when he was asked about it, “For me all the players are important, I said it since day one, so each week I make the lineups according to the form and situations of our team, also depending of the rivals, therefore at the moment of deciding the lineup it will be according to what is better to see my team competing at the top, resting the virtues of Depor and taking advantage of ours.” 




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