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17 Jan 2016
New draw in la liga as Depor were unable to keep the initial advantage with the goal by Luis Alberto; a polemic penalty, but Lux and the posts saved the Galicians.

Coach Víctor Sánchez presented the expected squad for the game. German Lux was the goalie, Laureano Sanabria ‘Laure’ performed at the right side of the defence, Fernando Navarro played at the left, the central positions were for Albert Lopo and Sidnei Rechel.

Álex Bergantiños and Pedro Mosquera were the centre midfielders, Juanfran Moreno played at the right wing, Luisinho did it at the left, then Luis Alberto and Lucas Pérez were the centre forwards.

At Real Sociedad, coach Eusebio was playing with a 4-3-3 draw. Xabi Prieto was a starter as Asier Illarramendi was left on the bench. Carlos Vela, Jonathas and Bruma were the references in attack. Around 600 fans made the trip with the team for the game.

Deceiving result by half-time, because Real Sociedad had plenty of chances to score and only their lack of aim and German Lux prevented the goal. Meanwhile, Depor lacked depth but was effective enough to seize one of their few chances to claim the lead.

Since the kick-off Real Sociedad were looking more offensive and their first opportunity in the game arrived soon; Bruma made the play on the left wing eluding Laure, the rest of the defence was distracted and the locals combined to see Jonathas firing from close range, but Lux made the first save of the night clearing the ball with his right leg (1’).

The Basques continued pushing on the left wing, Bruma appeared again and easily surpassed Laure to end releasing a cross that Vela headed out (5’). Two minutes later Deportivo had its first arrival, Lucas drilled the ball into the right wing and the cross by Juanfran was cleared by a defender.

Deportivo were having long ball possessions and started to have some arrivals, however Real Sociedad seemed in control of the game with their fast attacks that gave big problems to the defence, mainly in the sector of Laure as the Madrilenian and Juanfran were having a hard time trying to stop Bruma. It neither helped the poor pressure of Depor in attack.

At minute 12, Jonathas was unable to end a double opportunity after Lux was unable to get a volley coming from the edge of the area. In the next play, Luis Alberto drilled the ball into the path of Lucas and his shot from close range was deflected by local goalie Gerónimo Rulli.

Real Sociedad had a new opportunity at minute 14, Rubén Pardo collected the ball inside the area and his low attempt was saved by Lux. Three minutes later Luisinho missed the target firing from the edge of the area.

Depor were looking uncomfortable, it wasn’t putting enough pressure in attack and Real Sociedad were attacking at will, but then the locals committed a huge error; actually it was a double error at midfield with two bad passes. Lucas fought for the ball and was lucky as his attempt to make a pass hit Yuri and the ball went into the path of Luis Alberto, who scored his four goal on the season from close range. The Galicians got what they wanted, the advantage, and spent the rest of the half defending.

Still, in the following ten minutes Depor had other two counterattacks that didn’t end in a shot as Lucas was unable to control the ball.  Then the locals unleashed their power in attack. Jonathas had a big chance to tie the game at minute 34, the Brazilian arrived first to the ball before Lux in a cross coming from the right, but he missed the target.

The last fifteen minutes meant to witness the show of German Lux, because the keeper made two more saves to keep the clean sheet. The biggest one came at minute 39 with Bruma collecting a new volley that surprised the defence, the Argentine deflected the attempt from close range and luckily the ball just went close to the post. At minute 44 he made a new save clearing a low shot by Vela. In the end he made five key saves in this half, more than in any full game on this season.

Deportivo had more control of the actions, but ended allowing the equalizer as the referee made two polemic decisions, one in favour of the visiting team and the other a doubtful penalty. The team had two chances to score at the beginning of the half, but later was unable to create more danger.

Real Sociedad sought for the equalizer since the start, though the first shot on target in the second half was made by Depor. A combination between Mosquera and Luisinho ended with an assist to Lucas, who attempted a volley from the right side of the area and Rulli made the save (52’).

Despite the local pressure, it was Depor the side that continued to have opportunities. Five minutes later the Galicians had a new chance, again a bad pass by the locals that Luis Alberto almost converted into the second goal, but his acrobatic shot was cleared by Rulli to corner-kick.

In the following minutes Deportivo were looking more in control of the actions, the defence were better placed and Real Sociedad weren’t having the same arrivals of the first part. Laure shone with a couple of clearances in a corner-kick and an opportune interception.

At minute 70 the first polemic play of the game was a disallowed goal to Real Sociedad -The Basques had three disallowed goals in the game, two of them were fair calls- A free-kick at the left side was headed on target by Iñigo Martínez, the ball ended at the back of the net, but the referee whistled a doubtful offside.

The first change for Depor was the entry of Jonás Gutiérrez and just one minute later he starred in the second polemic play in the game. The winger was marking Xabi Prieto in a ball that was chipped into the left corner of the área. He slightly touched the attacker and the referee whistled an inexistent penalty. Xabi Prieto equalized from the spot.

The goal affected Depor and, as it happened in the first part, the Galicians lost control of the actions and Real Sociedad started to harass and also continued to miss aim, this time Lux didn’t show up to save Depor, instead the “hero” was the crossbar.  Because the last two chances for the Basques hit the woodwork.

The first was a free-kick that Jonathas headed at the box and that turned into a volley that hit the post (86’), and at the last minute substitute Oyarzabal fired from the edge of the area and his attempt passed over Lux and again hit the crossbar. Fajr played the last minute replacing Luis Alberto.

Depor dropped two points after having the advantage for 50 minutes, but the Galicians should consider themselves as lucky for the big chances missed by Real Sociedad, the saves by Lux and the two shots that hit the woodwork. Not a good performance, mainly in defence, but at least the team picked a point playing in a tough stadium.

With this new draw, the 10th after 20 matchdays, Depor remain living at midfield without chances of losing the 9th spot and for now four points below the European zone. On next Sunday, the Galicians return to the Riazor in order to host Valencia CF (18h15 CET).

Real Sociedad: (4-3-3) Rulli – Carlos Martínez, Elustondo, Iñigo Martínez, Yuri (Héctor 70’) – Xabi Prieto (Oyarzabal 86’), Bergara, Pardo (Illarramendi 62’) – Vela, Jonathas, Bruma.
Deportivo: (4-4-2) Lux – Laure, Lopo, Sidnei, Navarro – Juanfran, Álex Bergantiños, Mosquera, Luisinho (Jonás 71’) – Luis Alberto (Fajr 81’), Lucas Pérez.
Goals: 0-1: (25’) Luis Alberto, 1-1: (74’) Xabi Prieto (penalty)
Referee: Juan Martínez Munuera. He showed yellow card to Mosquera (69’), Jonás Gutiérrez (73’), Jonathas (74’) and Lopo (85’)
Venue: Anoeta (16,783)
Other statistics: Ball possession (66% - 34%); Attempts to score (11 – 6); Total shots (15 - 7); Shots on target (6 - 4); Saves by the keepers (3- 5); Corner-kicks (9 - 4); Offsides (4 - 5); Fouls committed (8 - 11); Passing accuracy (84% - 69%)




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