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28 Jan 2016
The club announced that coach Víctor Sánchez has signed a one-year renewal. Both sides were negotiating a three-year deal, but later explained that this was the best option. Víctor said that he’s willing to stay more time.

It was already known that coach Víctor Sánchez Del Amo was going to sign a contract extension, the question was now related to the duration of the new contract. After rumours that the new deal was going to be for three years, on Tuesday it was known that it was going to be only for one more season.

And on Wednesday there was a press conference to announce that Víctor is going to be the coach of Deportivo until 2017. The deal includes a new contract for his staff (David Dóniga, Ignacio Oria & Carlos Morales).  It was speculated that Víctor wanted to leave a door open in case of receiving an offer from a bigger club, but he confirmed that it was the best choice for both parties and that he is willing to stay for a long time. The club also explained that the reason for the short contract is the salary cap as a longer contract would mean to exceed the limit.

In the middle of Wednesday’s training at Abegondo, Tino Fernández was joined by the coach and sporting advisor Fernando Vidal at the press room. The president was content with the renewal and also explained why it is only for one year, "We are happy to announce the continuity of Víctor and his staff. He deserves a recognition. The chemistry with the coach is one of the keys for success. We are lucky to renew the coach that La Liga considered as the best one. For our economic situation maybe it is better to renew year after year. We only signed for one year, but the option is there to increase it. The compromises have an economic factor and we needed to project the coming years, so the scenario is limiting us.”

"He [Víctor] is happy with the project. You can notice the improvement in the performance of the team since his arrival. I’m sure that, if things work out, then he will renew again as it happened with other coaches in the past. If it was it for me, we wouldn't have more coaches than Víctor during our stage at the club." He added.

Then Víctor addressed the media, “I’m enchanted with the news. Thanks to the president Tino Fernández and advisor Fernando Vidal for trusting me. The relation with Deportivo La Coruña is beyond signing a paper. Our hope is to stay here for a long time.”

The Madrilenian man also explained why he decided to sign only for one year, “The president was scare that a big team could come for us, but no. We are wanting to stay here for a long time. My advisor explained me that, in the end, to sign a long-term contract would mean a more complex deal. I wasn’t there for the talking and when Tino talks of three years it is the spirit of the deal. And it is more important the will to stay than, as I said before, to sign a paper, so we decided that this was the best choice.”



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