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28 Jan 2016
Víctor Sánchez renewed his contract after completing 28 Primera matches, he is the coach with less number of defeats within that period, but more than the half of the games were draws.

The renewal of Víctor Sánchez was official on Wednesday. The coach has pleased the fans and the club with his team’s performance. At first sight the results should be considered as notable; after all Deportivo passed from been close to suffer relegation on last season to be now closer to Europe, and all of that happened in only six months.

But there’s a second reading as Víctor Depor has drawn the 57% of the league matches under his command; the highest percentage on this century for a debuting coach at the club. Surely it means that the team isn’t losing, but neither is adding the three points. It has a double interpretation depending on what happened in each game.

As example the last two draws in liga, Depor got a point visiting Real Sociedad and the result tasted like a victory despite losing an initial advantage, this for what happened in the meeting with Lux making several saves, but it wasn’t the same feeling when Depor dropped two points in the stoppage time during the last home clash with Valencia CF.

No matter the statistics, it is to be noticed that Víctor has only lost 5 of his first 28 matches as a Primera coach. It’s a mark without precedents in the history of the club. It’s a clear sign of the consistency that Víctor brought to the team, especially taking in mind that when he arrived the circumstances were though with a team close to relegation.

The following table presents a comparison between seven of the last thirteen coaches at Deportivo and their records after the first 28 Primera matches. Former coaches like Fernando Vázquez, Paciência and Oltra aren’t part of the analysis as they didn’t manage to direct Depor in 28 Primera meetings. 

Coach wins draws losses win rate point rate
Boronat 6 11 11 21% 35%
Toshack 11 7 10 39% 48%
Corral 9 10 9 32% 44%
Irureta 13 9 6 46% 57%
Caparrós 12 7 9 43% 51%
Lotina 9 7 23 32% 40%
Víctor 7 16 5 25% 44%





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