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28 Jan 2016
Tino Fernández and Fernando Vidal addressed the media after the presentation of Víctor’s renewal. The main message is that Depor can make signings before Monday, but it isn’t to reinforce the squad now but thinking of next season.

The message from the club was clear: the club is satisfied with the current squad and believes it will reach the goal, so the need to reinforce it now isn’t present in the mind of the officials. Instead they are more open to make a signing thinking of next year. It is what president Tino Fernández and sporting advisor Fernando Vidal told to reporters during the press conference. They also talked of the cases with Lux, Fabricio and Medunjanin. The following is a summary of things said related to the transfer window.

Tino: “As it happened with the issue of the three-year contract with Víctor; until everything is done I won’t say anything. I will use the umbrella again [he laughed] It is an operation under analysis and we will know when it’s ready.”

Tino: “The same answer. We will talk when things are ready. In any case nothing is remaining until the deadline, on Monday everything will be over. The club has no offer, but we aren’t selling a player. And if he would be searching for an exit then he would be presenting a proposal if we were interested in selling.”

Vidal: “It is an issue between three parties, the player, the club and the agent. I order to have novelties we need an agreement between all the parties. You don’t know what can happen. He is a player at the squad and is able to play at any moment. If any club wants to buy him or wants a loan, then we will study the option with Haris, but for now there’s nothing.”

Tino: “The interest in German [Lux] is at 100% and hopefully we could announce soon his continuity. There are some variants and something is missing, but I have the same feeling than with Víctor: he wants to stay and we want him to stay, and the normal thing in this case is to reach an agreement. In my opinion there will be an agreement. In case of Fabricio, he has the same offer. I was clear before that we feel free to sign another keeper and he is free to sign for another club, but until this happens, both paths can cross again. The offer remains there.”

Tino: “The answer is the same: we will let you know if there’s something. But as a general comment, first to all we have a great team, it is demonstrating it and in some cases the players can offer more. We have a great team with a great coaching staff, so we are able to reach the goal.”

“In the other hand we are talking of three months or twelve weeks and that means that it is an expensive market if you want a player only for this season. It would be different if the market gives us an option for next season. In that case we would be talking of the first signing for next season. But just for this season, no. We need to save money to make signings on next season.”

“I don’t see the need to sign a player for the rest of the season, but this is a non-stop, they agents are calling us and we are continuously asking. Anything can happen as the deadline isn’t over. But I would say that if we sign somebody it will be someone that will stay here, not only for three months.”

Vidal: “We have made our job since closing the summer window, since the results have been good the sporting direction is calm, then we have time to think of next season. Yes we have seen a lot of players, but several of the opportunities are difficult. And as the president say we can try to make a signing now taking advantage of the opportunities, but without the emergency of covering any spot. It is the dynamic of all the clubs.”

Tino: “PAOK will receive a 30% of a future transfer and if I remember correctly the Tax Agency would get the 25%.”

Vidal: “We have made some changes; we have reinforced the scouting and made some continuity compared to past years. We are satisfied though probably the team in División de Honor [Juvenil A] isn’t matching the expectations. Fabril are in the playoff zone, Juvenil B is the younger team in its competition, and Cadete A is in a position according to its potential. Talking of results isn’t good, because the important thing is the number of players that can reach the first team.”

Vidal: “The issue with Sam Piette was a petition of his agent, he wanted to play in an upper league, but didn’t have the minutes that he wanted. He didn’t feel right at Racing [Ferrol]. We didn’t ask Racing to get him back, he wanted to return and we are happy with him.”





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