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29 Jan 2016
Luis Alberto was selected by the peña members as the player of January. It was a terrible month for Deportivo, but the Andalusian attacker was the most regular man scoring twice and providing an assist.

 January was a forgettable month for Deportivo; the team remained winless in la liga and suffered a humiliation in Copa been trashed by Segunda club CD Mirandés. Actually the second-leg in Copa has been considered by the peña members of RCDLC.com as the worst of the season as it was voted zero in the rating, the lowest note on the season.

Still, there was some regularity in the figure of Luis Alberto, who was the best player in the month for the peña members and the decision is demonstrated by the fact that he scored two goals and provided an assist. Actually he was directed involved in the only three goals in liga scored by Depor in the month. It was the confirmation of his status of perfect couple for Lucas Pérez and also a positive comeback after been injured at the end of last year.

Another player that shone during the month was German Lux, who ended as the second most voted player in January. With the team failing to impress, it had to be the goalkeeper the one saving the team and the Argentine man was there to make key saves, like the five that grabbed a point in the visit of Deportivo to Real Sociedad.

Meanwhile, Pedro Mosquera continued to impress with his performances; the midfielder was the third most voted man and was one of the three players that got points in three different games (the other were Luis Alberto and Arribas). He only missed to take part of the game at Real Madrid as the Galician was suspended.

Summary of the month:

Rival Note MOM Points PV
Villarreal 2 Arribas 19 None
Mirandés 2 Luisinho 10 None
Real Madrid 1 Luis Alberto 21 None
Mirandés 0 Róber 18 None
Real Sociedad 1 Lux 35 None
Valencia 2 Lucas 23 Álex

Overall: Pedro Mosquera continues to have a placid lead in the race for the Player of the Season Award. Lucas Pérez, who added seven points in January, remains as the runner-up, while Luis Alberto jumped to the third place passing centre-back Sidnei Rechel.

Player Points
Mosquera 92
Lucas 79
Luis Alberto 52
Sidnei 48
Lux 36
Arribas 32
Fajr 25
Alex 25
Juanfran 19
Cartabia 17
Borges 10
Navarro 10
Cardoso 10
Luisinho 9
Riera 8
Juando 8
Laure 6
Jonás 6
Cani 5
Rober 5
Lopo 4
Juanfran 3
Jonathan 2
Haris 2
Saul 2
Manu 1





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