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31 Jan 2016
German Lux conceded an interview to newspaper La Opiniůn A CoruŮa; the Argentine is pretty happy with his career at Depor and is open to sign a renewal, though he also leaves an open door to return to River Plate.

Q: From been a substitute to miss your first game in matchday 22 and due to a suspension.
A: Well, actually yes, but I have a phrase that it is important to me: football is moments. It is so dynamic that we go to bed having a defined role and woke up having another one. You have to work and be ready when the opportunities come. At the beginning of the season, maybe, I wasnít going to be a starter, but we neither know it for sure, maybe only the coach. I had a good pre-season, willing to start playing and were given the opportunity to do so. Now I'm taking advantage and enjoy for having to play games.

Q: What convinced you to fulfill your contract despite starting behind Fabricio?
A: A little of everything. I had a contract, I have stability with my family in A CoruŮa and wanted to bet. I always trust my condition and knew that I could play. I bet for this despite I had the opportunity to go elsewhere or stay in Argentina. I respected the contract and I'm very comfortable here.

Q: Already spent five seasons at Depor, isnít an anecdote?
A: Not at all. It has been five seasons, it is a lot. Each one has its own nice things and bad things. Now we have made a very good first round, we have 29 points, but we have dropped some at the last minute. We complain a bit about it, but we continue to work because generally the team is good. We recovered the strength we lacked in Anoeta and seek to grow and continue to improve.

Q: What has changed at Deportivo over these years?
A: There are several things. We stopped being a club that wasnít stable and now the air we breathe is fine and stability is very important. Before the club was calling the players and they didnít come because the club wasnít stable, because they didnít know if they were going to be paid... But now the players call to come to Deportivo. Something changed and it is important because there is trust and confidence. The stability of the club is critical today and this season the team is doing well.

Q: Has the improvement came from the defence?
A: That's the main thing in any team, everyone always tries to arm the team from the back zone, especially a team whose main goal is salvation. It is essential to be a neat and solid team, because last season we received a lot of shots and goals. In that sense, the team has evolved a lot.

Q: Do you live with more tranquility at the goal?
A: Not just at the goal, all players. For a goalkeeper because they throw less shots you end allowing less goals but a defender is also stronger and the striker knows that if they score then the team will win. In that sense, it strengthens us all to be a solid and ordered team.

Q: Is bigger the responsibility for the goalkeeper now that the chances for the rival are lower?
A: It can be. I spent many years in a big team [River Plate] and it happened there. In a large team the chances are a few, but I must always intervene and be effective. In this case it is somewhat similar. We try to be attentive for 90 minutes and remain focused to successfully intervene.

Q: Have you already overcome the slump of a few weeks ago?
A: Frankly, the team never had a slump regarding to the league. We lost against Villarreal although we dominated the whole game, then it came the Cup and Real Madrid, which are games that in 90% of the cases we end up losing.

Q: Do you think that you finally reached the goal when you arrived to Europe, which was to play regularly?
A: It's the year in which I'm playing more, without the year at Segunda, I mean at Primera Division. I always say it is important for a goalkeeper to have minutes and games, to not make too many errors and to be regular for an entire season. I'm on that track, I'm happy with my performance, but the goal and the focus is always on the team to achieve the salvation comfortably during this season.

Q: Did you imagine that the starting role in Europe would come to you been 33?
A: When I arrived to Mallorca the first year my goals were different and maybe it wasnít achieved, but we put other goals. This year I had the chance to make an entire round, but I want to play and finish the season. The summaries are better to be made at the end.

Q: And what are the goals at this point?
A: This year was to play, play and play. Then we'll see, because it is also true that I end my contract on this year.

Q: The president has the intuition that you will renew, does both sides have the same will?
A: I have a very good relationship with the president and the club, they know me for five years. They know what I can give, what I can add to the team and also for them inside the institution. I'm more than happy, it is not the first time I would renew, I've renewed several times for the club. If there is will by both sides, as I think there will be, we can reach an agreement.

Q: Why did you bet on the team in a delicate moment like this now?
A: When we suffered the relegation, Fernando Vazquez said that he wanted me to stay for the promotion. We talked about it, we understood and rejected proposals from Primera Division and stayed here, but I donít want to sell smoke. It was a decision I made, it was fine and I am delighted to do it. I bet to stay and then to continue.

Q: Do you keep nostalgia for Argentina?
A: Not so much nostalgia, but it is where I was formed. River attracts me a lot, to return there is something I have like a dream. I always say the same, Iíve the desire to return to play to River, but I donít know when it will be the time.

Q: Do you know who will replace you against Rayo on Monday?
A: I donít know. We know the team hours before going to the stadium. Thankfully these decisions arenít ours, it is the coach.



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