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08 Feb 2016
The coach and the players were happy with the result and also with the current situation of the team. There was an incident in the end between Fajr and Lux.

Coach Víctor Sánchez was commenting the game as he believes it was a fair result, “I believe it was a disputed game. I believe that throughout the ninety minutes both sides had a section in which they dominated, surely we had the chance to win it, but Sporting had their chances too. At our side we once again came back after suffering that unfortunate play with a rebound. I believe it was a physical game, both defenses imposed to the offenses and that’s why we didn’t see too many scoring chances. “

“Both teams knew that we have needs at the standings, Sporting more than us as the situation is pushing them, while we are trying to avoid those situations of need. There was a high intensity so the game was divided, there were a lot of secondary plays and therefore many alternatives. We surpassed the adversity and showed character. We scored a great goal and controlled the game in the second half. We missed the last pass that would have allowed us to score the goal to claim the lead and in the end Sporting pressed and had arrivals. So I believe the draw can be considered as fair.” He added.

He explained why Cartabia entered the game, “With Fede we tried to take advantage of his qualities and had that last play that we will have to watch again, because he was running alone before facing the keeper. It is what we have with polyvalent players like Fajr, they have arrivals and punch.”

Finally, Víctor denied the idea that Depor were conformist at the end of the game, “We had that play of Cartabia that I mentioned and it was at the end of the game, what happens is that the rival also plays, they also want the victory and were playing at home. The team never gave up to clinch the victory, but the rival also pushes and it is difficult. But we are content.”

Juanfran Moreno was satisfied with the result and with the current situation of Deportivo, “We played against a team that was in a great moment after two straight victories. Deportivo have 31 points and face a privileged situation ahead of the goal, which is to clinch the permanence, though the victory is resisting to us, but in this game the victory could have fell to any side. We have to continue pushing and surely the victories will come.”

“We have to respect all the rivals, Sporting were coming after two straight wins, they were coming from defeating Valencia and after a great result before Real Sociedad. All the teams are difficult at this point, manly the ones fighting for our goal, the permanence, even more than the ones playing for Europe. We are not worried for not winning, because if you are creating opportunities then the victories will come. The team has only lost four times on the season that’s very positive.” He added.

Luis Alberto was explain what he said to the camera after scoring the goal, “I love you grandmother” About the game he commented that, “Away from home maybe the draw is more useful to us, because they have more need. It was a physical game and it was hard to play within the last 20-25 minutes.”

Then the striker said that the team is feeling calm despite the winless streak, “We aren’t worried for not winning, the team is feeling comfortable and we neither are losing. I’m sure that playing like this, with the serious job we are doing, the victories will come.”

There was a fight at the of the game between Fayçal Fajr and German Lux, it seems that the keeper wasn’t content as the Moroccan left the pitch without thanking the fans. The Argentine was asked by a reporter what happened and he just said that “I was congratulating him for his game” Later Fajr returned to the pitch and gave his shirt to a fan.

At Sporting, coach Abelardo was also satisfied with what he saw, “The game was highly disputed and it was equal. We were well planted, the defence was great before two attackers with the level of Luis Alberto and Lucas. I believe it was a great point.”

“We have added seven of the last nine points playing against complicate rivals as Real Sociedad Valencia and Deportivo. The true is that Deportivo is a very demanding team and it is difficult to match their level. I saw a game with only a few options and the clearest ones ended in goals, so everything was equal.” The Asturian manager added.



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