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28 Feb 2016
Depor’s coach insists that his team remains strong despite not winning in 2016 and continues to emphasize that it needs to improve its effectiveness. The coach of Granada is debuting at the Riazor.

José Manuel González arrived on Wednesday to Granada CF after the exit of José Ramón Sandoval. The Cádiz-born man is practically unknown in Spain, but he has a long career after been linked to football since 1984, firstly completing 120 Primera appearances with Cádiz CF, Albacete Balompié and Rayo Vallecano, later as a football coach working with clubs at Segunda B, Segunda and Primera. His best achievement was to conquer the promotion to Segunda A with Cádiz during the season 2002/03.

His lonely experience at the top flight was with Albacete Balompié for the season 2004/05, but he was sacked after only 24 matchdays due to the poor results (the team was 18th with only five victories, but only one point above salvation).  More recently he was working as the assistant of Gregorio Manzano at Beijing Guoan in China until receiving the call from Granada CF. So, the game at the Riazor is his first experience in la liga in a decade and this is his first meeting against Víctor Sánchez del Amo.

Depor’s coach addressed the media on Saturday’s noon, he talked to reporters for ten minutes and started analysing the winless streak of the team, “We are always focused from the hope ahead of the next game, evidently we are repeating the same speech as it is the only one that we have. We face every game with the hope of clinching the victory, it has been elusive despite the team has made good games, but justice in football is made by effectiveness and it is penalized us the effectiveness in offense and defence.  What’s happening is that we are ending upset for not winning and are focusing in winning the next game, we insisted during the week in several aspects in order to improve our percentage of effectiveness.” 

He insisted that the negative streak isn’t affecting the mood of the players, ““If you see the group it is fine, there’s confidence during the trainings despite been winless for a while, and that’s very positive, because it means that there’s confidence in the work and that’s the path to follow. And the path to follow doesn’t mean that we are happy with the negative streak, off course not, we are content with the dynamic, but want to change the result. It hit our pride and we want to change things.”

About the return of Lucas, the Madrilenian man said that, “It’s our top-scorer, a very important player and the reference in attack. He has been important, but as we always say, the capacity of the team is high and we have been penalized by our lack of effectiveness. And he is the player that brings more effectiveness up front, so he is very important.”

Then he didn’t want to confirm if Lopo will replace Sidnei at the centre of the defence, “A man will enter, that’s for sure [he laughed]. You know that we don’t reveal the lineup until tomorrow, but we have different options. We already made the decision and you will see tomorrow. Both [Lopo and Navarro] are players with a high experience and both are valid options.”

Víctor was also explained why he expects from a rival that has just changed the coach, “We cannot choose, it is what we have to face. A change of coach generates doubts as we don’t’ have previous games to obtain information, bit the information that we have gathered make us think that we are going to face a more aggressive team, more prepared to yield in defence. They will try to be more compact and in the offensive aspect I believe they were developing a good game with Sandoval, I believe that they unfairly dropped some points. and believe they were making their best game on the season. It is a very difficult game despite they are the last place. They have a powerful game upfront with four attackers that bring a lot of unbalance: El Arabi, Barral, Success and Edgar. Peñaranda is also fine, he has scored a lot of goals and has participated as a winger and as a centre forward. They have quality people with unbalance. They are coming from playing well and have been penalized by their defence.”

Asked about the importance of Sidnei’s casualty, he preferred to emphasize the importance of the substitutes, “When a situation of a casualty hits the squad, we don’t stop to think of what we are losing, instead we look at the solutions and think that, no matter who plays, he will offer a great performance for the benefit of the team. So, we aren’t thinking of what we lose with Sidnei, but of what the replacement will add to the team in order to clinch the victory.”

Then he was asked about the issue with Luisinho, who complained of not entering before in the game against Espanyol, but the coach didn’t see any problem with the complaint, “Those are situations during the games and nothing to say about it. The coaching staffs search the best for the team, from an individual perspective, it is logical, because he is thinking of himself and not of the good for the group, but there’s no problem. The clear thing for us is that the team is beyond any situation. These cases happened before and we always search the best for the team.”

Finally, Víctor explained that Lux isn’t totally fit to play and therefore Pletikosa was picked as the third goalie, “He [Lux] suffered a knock and trained today, but we are calling the three keepers and will make a training tomorrow before going to the hotel, so the three keepers will be together.”

Granada’s coach addressed the media on Saturday’s noon. He started talking of what he found in his first week at the club, “I have found predisposition from the players and some basic concepts that have been assimilated. I hope the new things will have an effect. The coaches are always missing time; the hurries force you to be more direct in what you pretend.”

He accepted that there will be a change in the system, but didn’t want to give further details, “I have very clear the lineup for the game. Yes, I am going to change the system, we can play with a 4-2-3-1 or a 4-4-2 depending on what we have. We are dragging a lack of points compared to the rest, so we have to play our game and this is very important.”

About the rival, the Andalusian man emphasized the presence of Lucas Pérez, “The characteristics with Lucas and with Oriol [Riera] are very different. They are a pretty good team, maybe aren’t living their best moment, but have all our respect.”

He was also taking of the keys to succeed, "We have to be very focused, be a compact team and play together to both attack and defend. You cannot think only of defending the goal. One of the virtues of Granada is that it has the capacity to generate concern to the opponent, if the opponent has certain reserves about attacking you it is because you have good people in attack, it also helps to defend better. "

Finally, González explained how the large number of goals allowed affect his team, "The lack of goal sometimes occurs because you allow a lot and the opponent is locked, you find less space and it is complicated. The games usually break following the first goal and depends on who you mark. We want to be a team that doesn’t allow goals so easily and that generates spaces instead. We have people who have very good qualities to play football and exploit the spaces. I don’t think this team has lack of scoring, I don’t think that it is the biggest problem"



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