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01 Mar 2016
New disappointing game by Depor and new list of negative notes; Víctor failed again with the strategy and the lineup, while Lucas didn’t have the expected impact in his returning match.

The following are the six notes extracted from the defeat against Athletic Club:

1- Another bad game: It’s normal that a team can have a bad game once in a while, but it’s abnormal when a team that made a good first round chains a bad presentation week after week. Because Depor are not only losing, but also showing a poor game. The Galicians were coming from a poor presentation visiting RCD Espanyol and this one was worst, with the Blanquiazul outfit only completing two shots on target, too little for a team that wants to secure the permanence as soon as possible.

Buy beyond the feelings transmitted by Deportivo, this is a hard hit as it was one of the five home games that were remaining in the schedule in which Depor should have sought for the pending three wins that will secure the permanence. It was a meeting against the bottom place and has a double impact as it brings live to direct rival while the relegation zone is now closer (eight points away).

2- The wrong tactic: Víctor said after the game that one of the keys was to seize the game by the side defenders -Luisinho and Juanfran-, but the true is that their crosses never represented a danger to Granada and neither there were secondary plays.

Depor ended releasing 46 crosses during the game and only 6 of them met the target, that’s a very low number for the main offensive tactic. It also calls the attention that the team has worked the corner-kicks with different variations between Fajr, Luis Alberto and Lucas, bit in this game only once they met the target. It’s impossible to win a game with these numbers.

3- Players out of position: Four of the starters were playing in a position that isn’t their natural spot and it was noticed. Left-back Navarro was the improved centre-back, Fayçal Fajr continued performing as a winger, while Álex Bergantiños and Celso Borges were moving to the wings at the moment of attacking (4-3-3 when the team was attacking). Besides, Jonás had to perform as a full-back when he entered in the second half.

These repositions affected the performance of the team, Navarro had a good game, but at the same time he faced big problems against a fast team like Granada CF, while the attacking line lacked precision and ideas. Fajr was the third player with more touches in the game (83) and had the best passing ratio (92%), but those passes were always short attempts that didn’t bring any danger.

4- Bad game for Lucas: Lucas Pérez was highly awaited by the fans after missing the past game due to an injury, but he wasn’t a factor in the game. He completed five shots and had a very clear opportunity to claim the lead just minutes before the penalty, but later he was unnoticed.

5- Víctor is losing the control: Ten straight games without adding the three points are enough reasons to criticize the coach, but the worst part is that Víctor doesn’t seem like a coach that can change the picture as he continues to make the same mistakes: presenting the wrong lineups and making too late changes that in the end don’t make an impact.

It’s possible to perceive that the fans and the media are starting to have doubts with him, just to notice the continuous questions at the press room asking for the reason in every tactical decision and for every change that it is made. Delicate moment for the coach.

6- Lux was dragging a muscle problem: Víctor explained that Lux, who was having a muscle problem during the week, ended the first half with issues after the big play of Granada that didn’t end in goal as the ball hit Arribas’ face. Pletikosa warned up during the pause, but in the end Lux stayed as Víctor explained that it was hard to make the decision at that point. He didn’t have to make any key save in the second half, but ended expelled in the last play. Now Pletikosa or Manu will have to be the starter goalkeeper against Athletic Club.



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