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16 Mar 2016
Moroccan Fayçal Fajr conceded a press conference on Tuesday; he is aware of the difficult situation after spending the first three months in 2016 without winning, but says that the players are calm.

Fayçal Fajr admitted that the fact of not winning yet in 2016 is unusual for him,  “I never spent so many time without winning, though I neither have a long career. Truly we haven’t won in a while, almost three months, but we had our moments in all the games and we will surely win games.”

He said that the players are feeling calm, “Sometimes we talk of the negative streak inside the changing room, but we aren’t worried and neither are feeling affected. We all know what we have to do and that we want to reverse the situation.  We are fine, there isn’t any player feeling scared.”

At the same time the Moroccan player is aware that the match with Levante UD can be considered as a final, “All the matches are important, this is very important, and we have to play as it is a final. We are aware of its importance and we are prepared for it.”

The midfielder was very emphatic when he was asked if Víctor could be sacked in case of failing to win in Saturday’s game, “It isn’t the best decision to throw out the coach when only one and a half months are remaining in the competition.”

Finally, Fajr talked of Levante, “They need a lot of points to reach the salvation. They just succeeded in the derby against Valencia, we are aware that all the games are important, especially this one, because they need the points. They also want to win and will come here for the points and also play for a final, but surely we are the ones that will succeed.” 




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