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01 Apr 2016
Víctor Sánchez is ready to use the same combination at midfield that paved the way to the victory in the first round. Meanwhile, the coach will decide on Friday if Sidnei will play the game at Balaídos or if he will be rested.

Celso Borges will join the trainings until Friday after a heavy week with Costa Rica and coach Víctor Sánchez is seriously thinking in leaving him on the bench for the derby with RC Celta. In the end the couple of centre midfielders could be Álex Bergantiños and Pedro Mosquera, interestingly the same duo that played in the first round game.

In recent days the players at both sides commented that one of the main keys why Deportivo succeeded in the first derby of the season was the fact that Celta’s players never felt comfortable on the pitch, and one of the reasons was the movement of both centre midfielders in that match.

In that game Mosquera played towards the right wing, with Álex having more space between the centre and the left flank, in the end both men caused that unbalance that broke the lines at Celta, in the case of Álex he even participated in the first goal bringing the assist to Lucas Pérez.

The Squawka heat map for Álex & Mosquera during the first round derby

The disposition of the team on the pitch provoked a flat performance of Celta’s midfielder in the game, to the point that the trio of attackers (Aspas, Nolito and Orellana), considered among the best in la liga, were practically unnoticed throughout the game. Truly Nolito missed a penalty at the end of the first half and also had a great chance to score at the beginning, but apart from those plays the trio was erased from the pitch.

The Squawka heat map for Nolito, Aspas and Orellana for the first game

Now Víctor seems eager to repeat the formula, at least at midfield as there could be other novelties. The main one is the inclusion or not of Sidnei Rechel. The coaching staff will decide on Friday if he will play after been out for a month, in case of been rested then Albert Lopo could end playing as the Catalan was tested together with Alejandro Arribas at the centre of the defence during Thurday’s session.

Another big doubt is who can play on the right wing, Cani seems to have gained the spot, but a knee problem might sideline him though he was already fine on Thursday. Fede Cartabia, who had a solid performance in March, was tested there during Thursday.



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