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16 Nov 2006
Fran and Giovanella are two veterans that lived the excitement generated in a Galician derby several times. For that reason, they are persons that can give a very exact testimony about what really happens during this special encounters. Both of them wrote their sensations in newspaper <i>La Voz de Galicia</i>. Fran believes that Depor will win the match, while Giovanella thinks that it's very complicated to appoint a favourite.

FRAN: Despite of the latest results, Deportivo is facing Sunday's derby as the favourite. Its football isn't convincing everybody, but at home the team is resolving the games thanks to the communion between the fans and the squad. Against Celta this effect will be bigger, because the stadium will be full and the environment will be special.

This season, Depor is a team in transformation, one that has replaced the quality with compromise. And the fans had understood the message. Far are the times in which Riazor got mad when the team was playing badly. Now there's tranquility. Depor's fans have finally understood that the situation is like this, and that they can't aspire for more. Everybody is happy.

I don't think that this will be a match with a lot of goals, and it's possible that it will be decided in a specific action. In this sense, I believe that Depor has the advantage, because they know how to act in the stationary plays. Besides, I don't see Celta winning in Riazor for the second consecutive time. Impossible is nothing, but...

For all these reasons, and despite that Celta is showing its best face in the away matches, I bet on Depor for this game. And I am not giving this prediction just because my heart is telling me this, it's something that my head is also repeating.

EVERTON GIOVANELLA: This derby will be different because both teams have suffered a huge transformation. These are young and ambitious teams. But to have a lot of rookies in a Galician derby doesn't mean that they won't feel the same things that we felt at our times. I remember the first derby that I played and I got infected with the feelings of my team mates and the fans.

Besides, every player has lived a classic in other clubs and they already know the meaning of this. We can't talk about favourites in these kind of matches, because the psychological aspect counts too. It's true that Celta comes to this game with a lot of casualties, but I am sure that they will give troubles and will enjoy their chances. The result of a derby is important, because it gives you morale to face the next games, and the three points would be very important to Celta since they come to this derby after a defeat.

I believe that we will see a very balanced derby, it will be highly disputed and I am convinced that we could see good football too, the characteristics of both teams will allow this. I only hope that we will not see any problems outside the pitch.

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