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04 Apr 2016
Both coaches were content with the result, this time Víctor complained of the referee, while the players were satisfied with the performance of Deportivo.

Coach Víctor Sanchez was content with the game made by his men, “We have made a very good game. We knew how to compete in all the facets of the meeting. I emphasize this aspect and we cannot talk of luck. We must congratulate the players for the work done. I believe we were superior in the frame of time in which we were eleven against eleven, mainly in the first half.”

He was complaining of the referee, “I believe the action that marked the game was a second yellow, for me pretty clear, for the elbow that Wass gave to Navarro, it could have even been a direct red card. We passed from a situation of having one more player and later had a great chance to score the 0-2, and they told me that Luis Alberto was pushed inside the area. If he thrown himself they would have said that he was simulating, but if he was pulled and it wasn’t whistled then… that action could have marked the game. From a situation of a 0-2 and the possible expulsion of Wass we passed to the 1-1.”

“The team made a very complete first half, dominating, we were creating more clear chances than our rival. We worked fine in defence, so a team like Celta, that creates a lot of scoring chances, didn’t have any chance unless the opportunity of the goal, and later we ended with ten players in an action in which Arribas told me that he touched the ball.”  He added.

The Madrilenian man continued with the issue of the referee assuring that nothing has been gave for free to Depor on this season, “We have 37 points and can say that we are content. We have worked hard to get each one. Across the season we didn’t have any streak of luck, having that balance between positive and negative calls. We never reached that moment, but we are content because we played with one less player for more than 20 minutes and taking in mind the situation of the pitch, we knew how to defend without conceding chances to score.”

Then the coach explained the physical condition of the players that suffered problems in this game, “We will have to wait and see the diagnose. The issue of Lux was a knock, a collision with Sidnei and he ended with an instable knee. Evidently a keeper with a knee in that condition cannot continue and the issue of Borges was only an Achilles knock, we hope it’s only that. Sidnei, after the injury that he had and the state of the pitch, it was a situation that we foresee. The change was already planned. There wasn’t any situation that forced the change.”

Finally, Víctor talked of the permanence, “We don’t know how many points will be needed. Right now we have 37, but we are aware that any number close to 40 points could be enough. We came here to win and had many chances to win the game. The team was competitive against an in-form rival. I expect that, as a Galician team, Celta can end in European positions. In the next game we expect to win and reach the 40 points.”

Celso Borges scored the goal in the derby; he was satisfied with the performance of the team, “We are really proud of the collective work. I believe things were made right. We were compact, especially in defence and want to thank people from coming here.”

The midfielder also said that the important thing is to continue adding towards the permanence, “After the expulsion if was obvious, they were all over us, but we held on and the effort was good. It’s always positive to add and we feel strong after todays’ game.” 

Lucas Pérez was emphasizing the great first half of Depor, “We made a great first half. There was a little failure in one play in a counterattack, we had the chance to score the 0-2 with Luis [Alberto] and don’t know what happened. It was a pity as we were making a great first half.”

The attacker was complaining of the referee, “Arribas told me that he touched the ball, the same Wass should have been sent off in the first half. That foul over Fernando Navarro should have been yellow card and in the end we played well with 10 men for 20 minutes. Little details could have changed the game.”

Pedro Mosquera was emphasizing the importance of the point, “We made a very good first half. This is a deserved point and a hardly worked one. Until the expulsion our game was pretty good. There were a lot of factors that are making us to think that this point has a big value. This is a very important point for the permanence.”

At RC Celta, Eduardo Berizzo was content with the point, “"We added a point that helps us to improve. We look for three points, but sometimes it doesn’t happen, the attack was not continuous, but had burst of football in the second half as we lacked patience to find the best move, our attack was precipitated, too giddy when we needed to choose the best move. However, the point continues to drive us up."

"We lacked the attacking move based on patience and not in haste, our opponents didn’t bother us, so the match was a monologue in the second half, but we lacked patience. It was a very close and tactical game that no one was able to unclog, and when you cannot win then the best thing is to draw.” He added.




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