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19 Apr 2016
Two faces by Deportivo, the initial 5-3-2 draw failed for two reasons, while the substitution made for the second part changed the picture in the game. Riera is the first substitute that scores for Depor on this season.

1- The failure of the initial plan: Víctor was worried for the direct game of Sevilla, so he planned a tactic with three centre-backs, and it partially worked as Llorente had problems to connect the ball inside the area. The problem is that the 5-3-2 failed twice, first in defence as it didn’t prevent the crosses from Sevilla CF and later because it didn’t add depth on the wings.

All was linked to the side defenders, neither Juanfran nor Navarro felt comfortable on the pitch and the duo never found their place on the pitch, Navarro had countless problems with Reyes, while harder was the afternoon for Juanfran dealing with Konoplyanka and Escudero. The result is that the locals ended releasing 20 crosses in the first part that gave a lot of problems, luckily Llorente was only placed properly in one opportunity, which turned to be the lonely goal of the Andalusians.

Later the side defenders were inexistent in offense as they were too busy in defence, therefore Depor were only attacking by the centre. So, the 5-3-2 failed twice as it didn’t stop the game by the wings, while later it didn’t help the team to attack. It partially explains why Depor were so poor in the first part.

2- The success of the change at half-time: If this game was different to the previous visits to Athletic and Atlético it was because Víctor knew how to correct things at half-time. Truly the passive attitude of Sevilla CF in the second half partially explains the final result, but it’s also necessary to praise the change in the attitude of the Galicians.

With Cani in, Depor had an extra man to combine in attack, the side defenders were still absent from the wings, but were more calm as Sevilla CF were no longer releasing crosses. Neither was determinant as Depor stepped up front and had more presence by the centre to end creating two clear chances, one of them was the equalizer.

3- First goal from a substitute: Depor were the only Primera side without a substitute scoring a goal in this Primera season and the stat was broken through Oriol Riera, who scored his second goal in liga in his 12 appearance coming out from the bench -the player with more games as a substitute-

The true is that the entry of Riera was circumstantial as he replaced a player that was injured, Luis Alberto, but the Catalan was discrete after all as he only touched the ball in 19 opportunities, still he was involved in two of the four chances to score for the visiting side.

4- Another great game for Sidnei: Once again Sidnei Rechel proved to be the soul of the defence. The Brazilian made six interceptions and six clearances and even had time to join the attacks, as it happened at the end of the first half. Actually it was him the player with more touches at Deportivo during the whole match (62)

5- Record of draws in liga: It was a matter of time and took place at the Sánchez Pizjuán: Depor clinched its 17th draw on the season, a record for the club playing at Primera and it’s also a mark in the league as only six teams did it before: CD Málaga (1971-72), RCD Mallorca (1989-90), Real Burgos (1989-90), Rayo Vallecano (1992-93), Racing Santander (1996-97) and RD Espanyol (1997-98). The ironic thing is that Sevilla CF were the only side in the league without draws at home before this game.



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