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20 Apr 2016
Depor’s coach is aware of the rival’s results, but warned that anything can happen due to the need of la liga leaders. The coach of Barcelona is asking his player to regain their best football.

Luis Enrique Martínez García is a well-known former player that was one of the few ones that won La Liga trophy playing for both giants Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. He completed 400 appearances as a professional player and also made 62 appearances with Spain’s national team scoring 12 goals.

His stage as a coach began in 2008 working for Barcelona B. After a failing period with Serie A club AS Roma he landed in RC Celta for the season 2013/14 and made a great job leaving the team at the ninth position. Then the Asturian man was hired by FC Barcelona as the replacement of ‘Tata’ Martino signing a two-year contract.

After been criticized for some results he turned to be a respected coach and won the liga tournament on last season, reason why he signed a one-year renewal. The criticism has returned now due to the latest results of the team. This is his third meeting as a coach against Víctor Sánchez Del Amo, the previous two ended in 2-2 draws. Both men know each other as they coincided at Real Madrid for the season 1995/96

Depor’s coach addressed the media on Tuesday’s noon, he starting talking of the last two 2-2 draws with Barca, “Hopefully the streak will continue. It’s difficult, off course. We face this game as we always face all the matches: with the highest hope in order to achieve the victory. It’s difficult, but hopefully the streak with Barca can continue. We use all the games that we played against them as references, because we understand that there are things that might be repeated. We also analyze their last five games as we determine the reasons for their current form.”

He is aware that Depor haven’t matched the expectations in the second round and at the same time he doesn’t want to make calculations towards the permanence, “It’s to waste time to make calculations. We have a good advantage and have more than three rivals behind us. We are in debt with the fans, but we must remember that we had five or six games in which the team had a very good level.”

“When lesser matchdays are remaining, then the need is pressing and the teams in need are focused a lot on the performance. All the attention is focused in the performance.  And if you add to this the fact that Barca are full of equality then my experience tells me that they trend to present a high performance. But it’s also true that that in other occasions it can create nerves and precipitation.” He added.

The coach was warning that Barcelona remain a strong team despite the last results, “We prepare ourselves studying Barca without making hypothesis of their mental state. We are waiting for the best version of the rival, it is our responsibility. You must be prepared for anything. There will be different opinions: that this is the perfect moment to face them due to their results, but also that they will now raise the bar as there’s a need.”

Finally, Víctor compared the moment of Barcelona with the bad streak of Depor, “Sometimes the aim is a matter of inches. Against Valencia, Barca presented one of their best versions and ended defeated, because the rival was effective and knocked them down. It happened to us too with a streak of several games without winning, a lot of draws and we lowered our aim before the goal.”

Barcelona’s coach addressed the media on Tuesday’s noon. He was talking of the environment at his team after losing three straight liga games, “The negative dynamics are difficult to change; we must try to avoid the negative aspects, so it won’t be generating consequences.  We need football in order to win games, it would be a good idea that tomorrow’s game could look like the day of Valencia.”

The Asturian man is optimistic about what his team can do in order to clinch the title in liga, “I stick to my players, to their attitude, and also their way to compete and the faith that I have in winning the last five games, why not? We must improve and to see the rival creating less danger. The rivals are penalizing us doing too little or even almost nothing.”

He was also confirming that Bartra will be a starter at the Riazor, “Bartra deserves this chance, it deserves that things could be fine. I am clam and have plenty confidence in this option. It’s always difficult for someone that isn’t having minutes, but I can only speak great things of him, he is prepared. Bartra has played less minutes of what I would have liked, but he’s training as a starter and must believe in himself.”

The coach was also talking of Deportivo, “It isn’t a pleasant memory. The last two visits ended in a draw with Deportivo. They have different possibilities to create problems to us. It would depend in what Víctor decides. If they press up front or not, if they search for the spaces in attack. We will be alert with all the things we can generate and should create more danger of what they can create against us.”

Finally, Luis Enrique said that he is not worried of the rivals in this last stretch of the season, "I am no longer a soothsayer. I don’t care what others can do. I am interested in Barca. We depend on ourselves, but clearly we are facing big problems. Winning away from home is always difficult, but it’s our situation. If we win then we will try to grow in confidence. "



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