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22 Apr 2016
Víctor emphasized that his team failed in the one-on-one situations. The players didn’t offer clear explanations. Better was the reaction one day before with Borges asking apologies and the president visiting the team at Abegondo.

No too many answers after the worst home defeat of Deportivo, at least in the press conferences after the game. Coach Víctor Sánchez was trying to explain how his team was trashed by a highly motivated Barca, “We said before that when the teams are in need they improve their performance. Truly there are doubts, but we said that the last game against Valencia was among their best versions and they just missed aim, but precisely what they had today was aim, a high level of aim and it’s what the best teams have: they reach their best level in situations of need.  Several of the goals were one-on-one actions.”

He admitted that the third goal killed his team at the beginning of the second part, “The difference was extremely high and you notice it in the result. We had our chances, but not as many as Barcelona, side that have the ball possessions and also players that dominate one-on-one situations, and it happened today. We tried in this game, we didn’t make a game waiting at the back to see what could happen. We congratulate the players for their effort. We, the ones that were players, know what is felt when you are on the field. You allow the fourth and the fifth goal and it strikes you, it is hard. It’s normal that with hungry players like the ones of Barcelona they pushed for more. The third goal hammered us and put us out of the game. It is our analysis.”

The Madrilenian man was assuring that the big loss won’t affect the spirit of the team, “I am sure that it won’t affect us. Our pride was hit and no one likes to allow a big loss. The players are already talking inside the changing room, because you notice the difference when a team like Barcelona is in need. These great teams can achieve big wins. Madrid and Barcelona have this capacity ad it has been noticed before.”

A reporter pointed out that this is the biggest home loss of Depor, and the coach said that, “We don’t like it. It hurts our pride, but we must be thinking of the game with Eibar as this one already passed. We were conscious that we were going to meet a team like Barcelona, it was a tough challenge.”

Another reporter asked about the reason why Juanfran was moved to the left side of the defence, “Juanfran is fast and we considered that he was the right choice to defend those one-on-one situations. Laure is also fast and those two positions with Neymar and Messi were well covered, at least it was what we considered.” E answered.

Finally, Víctor explained why Navarro was replaced and why Álex was playing as a centre-back, “He [Navarro] was dragging a knee issue and with the game already resolved, then you needed to think of the next one.”

This photo from la liga illustrates the nightmare lived at the Riazor

Three players faced the media after the game. Again poor responses and some of them asked apologies after been pressed by reporters to do it. Sidnei Rechel was complaining of the foul in the first goal, “It was foul, simple. It’s different when the game is 0-0 and it was foul.” Later he was asking for apologies to the fans after a reporter asked if he was going to do it, “It’s complicate to lose in this way and the people always supported us. We now must try to win the next game, so we can give back them what they gave to us today. We must continue and raise the head, because we face an important challenge on Saturday.”

Álex Bergantiños was trying to explain what happened, “Our game was what we did in the first part. I believe there was a foul in the first goal. They were having the possession, but didn’t create to many chances. We even had the chance to tie with two good chances for Celso [Borges]. But in the second part, with the feeling of impotence for been losing, we opened the lines and they had an impressive aim. We opened too much and more goals came. It’s a complicate game for everyone and we must assume the result, now we need to get up fast as a new game is coming. Saturday’s game is very important and we need to fix what went wrong.”

Later the Galician midfielder was defending Manu after allowing the eight goals, “Manu is a lad with personality, he is offering a great level and in the end we all allow the eight goals. Anyone, include ng me, should have been whistled and we are together in this. We can only thank the public for what they did for us.”

Laure was explaining the game and asked for apologies to the fans for the heavy loss, “It’s complicated. We can only thank the fans for their support. In the end it was three points and there were plays that defined the game. We were close to the 2-1 and the third goal came at the beginning of the second part. We wanted to be brave and it didn’t work. We want to apologize, but people should realize that we gave everything. We tried to go out for the game. I don’t know what you saw in the outside, but we wanted to go out for it. All the players know that we can do it better, we are feeling impotent, but we are leaving calm as we know that the difference in the level is important. Our league is against Eibar.”

The seize of the defeat invited to more solid responses and on Thursday Celso Borges was the first player asking apologies without been pushed to do it, “I feel ashamed. We ask apologies. I feel sorry for all the people that watched it. We are content with their support throughout the game. It fills us. Let’s see if we can do it better on Saturday.” He said after the training session.

Tino Fernández addressing the media on Thursday

President Tino Fernández is aware of the hard hit that this defeat means, he decided to visit the squad and the coach, after a conversation with them he addressed the media at the stands of Abegondo and said that,
“I want to transmit a message to the fans, I don’t know if shame, but the sadness as the team was unable to present a proper performance and we cannot say bad things of the fans, who made a big trip to Seville. The fans want to feel proud after watching a game and we cannot fail there, and the true is that we are failing on that. I am a person that wants to talk of results, and clearly it isn’t good. Only one win in the second round. Since December 20 we only clinched one. The streak is very bad and we must try to revert it. My aspiration is that we not only can reach the goal with the last impulse, but that we can also leave a different impression in the Deportivismo.

At the same time Depor’s boss confirmed that Víctor will continue, “We have confidence in the coach and the players. Precisely that’s the message for them: Look gentlemen, you still the same people of the first round, we did it before, we can do it now and we are going to do it. We want to transmit a positive message and to not been carried away by a sad day for Deportivo like this one.”  But at the same time he sent a warning to the players and the coach, “We must have self-criticism, the impression left in the last three games, against Las Palmas, the first half with Sevilla and yesterday, isn’t the proper one and neither the one that the Deportivistas deserve. The permanence isn’t secured yet and I advise the players to stop looking at others and to no longer be with the calculator all day long, because in the end it is in our hands.”

At FC Barcelona, Luis Enrique was emphasizing the aim of his team, “Football is special and these things can happen. We, like against Valencia, made a great game, but this time everything was going in. We had more opportunities against Valencia, but we didn’t finish them. We are leaving with a spectacular outcome and we have a pretty challenge ahead of us.”




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