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17 Nov 2006
As it always happens, there is a lot of talking before to a derby match. And this time the situation isn't different. Coach Caparr??s, Celta's captain Gustavo L??pez, Depor's midfielder Fabricio Coloccini, and even the president of Celta, Carlos Mouri?得, have been in the spotlight during the last days. The following is a resume of their declarations.

The first one that heated up the environment was the president of Celta, Carlos Mouri?得, who sees his team as the stronger side for the derby game: "Deportivo has made a very good season, and their squad plays with intensity, but we have a better team for the present campaign." He also said that Celta should be in a better position in the table: " We should have more than 13 points, but the team has failed at home, and let's see if we can recuperate our way with the return of the injured players."

Mouri?得 made this declarations on Wednesday during a meeting that was arranged by sportpaper AS. One day later, Depor's coach, Joaqu?要 Caparr??s, responded with this words: "My team, Deportivo, is better than Celta in every part of the pitch. Its the best squad of Primera! Something will have to be done to convince the president of Celta of this."

Another figure that likes to heat up the environment is Celta's captain, Gustavo L??pez. The Argentinean said that he prefers to defeat Depor than to achieve a title: "To win the two liga games against Depor is like wining the title during two consecutive years." This affirmation was made during a chat-room between Gustavo L??pez and the fans that was arranged by La Voz de Galicia.

During this meeting, one fan asked: Do you see yourself in a new 0-5 defeat like it happened a couple of seasons ago?. The Argentinean answered: "I also imagine another 0-2 like the past season, and seeing Deportivo out of the UEFA cup." Celta's midfielder also said that he trust in the victory: "We can win. They haven't lost at home, but the statistics exists to be broken. We can defeat them."

Meanwhile, Iago Iglesias is one of the two Galician players in Depor's squad. The youngster already knows the meaning of this classic, as he said it in newspaper La Opini??n: "I thought that the reactions from the people were exaggerated, but the true is that this is a special game. We have saw of everything during this years. Some times it was more hot, with Djalminha and Mostovoi. But this time it will be calmed... until the game starts. You think during the week that this is a game like any other one, but when you are in the bus in the way to Riazor, you see so much excitement between the fans, that the situation makes you think: Is this a final or what?"

One of the things that's marking this derby are the injuries in Celta, at least eight men will miss the clash. For that reason Celta's striker, Jes??s Perera, affirmed that  his team is facing the confrontation in a delicate state: "It's a complicate moment for us since we have a lot of casualties, besides Tamas is suspended. It seems that everything is going wrong."

Deportivo's midfielder, Fabricio Coloccini, reacted to this declarations saying that the existence of injuries is a poor excuse to face a game: "Every team has casualties, we also have them, but we aren't saying to the reporters that we will face the game without this or that player. For some reason you have 25 men in the squad, everybody must be prepared to do his job. Maybe they want to face the game as the victims, but you can't fool anybody in a derby match. you win or you lose. There's nothing else"

Finally, Diego Placente thinks that the youthness in Deportivo is a fact that could be favorable to Celta: "A young team is good, because the boys run more, but sometimes the experience is more important. I trust that we can take advantage of our experience, and I hope that Celta will make a good game". Another Galician player that will perform in the match is Borja Oubi?帶, he thinks that the existence of several new sinings in Depor is factor that will be beneficial for them: "They have 14 new players in the squad, and they don't know what a derby is. They don't have a clue about it, and we can take advantage of it."

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