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26 Apr 2016
Comfortable victory for Depor B, side that’s close to secure the spot in the promotion playoff. The rival granted too many chances, something that was seized by Depor’s lads. Great game by Colombian Otero.

Coach Manu Mosquera continued to have important casualties; Róber and Óscar were picked by the first team for the visit to SD Eibar, while Iago López, Anxo, Pancho, Ángel and Jorge were injured. The coach had to pick three lads from the Juvenil A team in order to fill up the gaps: goalkeeper Chema, centre-back Hugo Díaz and attacker Jardel.

The draw was a 4-2-3-1, David Gómez was the keeper, Blas Alonso was playing at the right side in defense, Lucas Viña performed on the left, the centre-backs were Taboada and Quique Fornos. Sam Piette and Pol Calvet were the centre midfielders, Edu Expósito was the right winger, Hugo Rama was the playmaker, Álex Corredera attacked from the left flank, and Juan Otero was the centre forward.

The rival was SDC Galicia de Mugardos, side that’s battling to avoid demotion, a victory would have practically sealed the permanence for them. Coaches Juan and Jose Veiga were relying in Brais Abelenda, the top-scorer at the team (7), for the goals.

It turned to be an easy game for Fabril, the rival committed too many errors in the defensive half and the locals found enough room to attack, something that rarely happened all season long. It explains the big score and also why Juan Otero shone in the game, because the Colombian is fast and strong, qualities that help him to be a dangerous player in fast transitions.

 The Colombian had his first chance to score at minute 11, he collected the ball inside the area after the attempt of Edu Expósito was deflected, but in the end the ball went out. The first goal arrived in another play involving a deflection.

Blas Alonso joined the attack and released a low shot from the right wing, the ball hit two defenders and somehow passed through a sea of legs until reaching the path of Pol Calvet, who didn’t have any problem to push the ball in from the goal line. It’s the fourth goal in liga for the Catalan midfielder, who joined the club during the winter window.

The game continued in the same path, with Depor B being very dangerous in attack, especially after stealing the ball at midfield and later releasing a counterattack. That’s how the second goal arrived with Otero finalizing the play. Taboada cleared the ball at the right side of the defence, his long throw reached the edge of the area and Otero dribbled two rivals to score from close range. This goal was a perfect example of the facilities granted by Mugardos in defence.

Nothing changed for the second part, Fabril continued to be the best team and the third goal arrived soon. First Corredera was close to score with a low shot that was blocked by visiting goalie Paco Fernández, and in the next play the same action was repeated, but in this opportunity the crossed shot hit the post, then went into the path of Blas Alonso at the right side of the area, he was alone and just passed the ball to Otero, who scored his 15th goal on the season from close range.

Mugardos reacted and scored a goal. Blas was booked for a foul at the edge of the area over Dieguito and in the resulting free-kick Quique Fernández scored through a low shot that went into the bottom right-corner of David Gómez.

There were doubts at this point as the visiting side could have reacted, mainly after Chis failed to score the second goal after missing the target from the box, but Fabril continued to be the best team on the pitch and soon more goals were going to arrive. Hugo Rama was close to score with a strong shot from the edge of the area that went out by inches, then Marcos Legaz replaced Corredera

And the Argentine attacker was going to be the main actor within the last fifteen minutes, it was him who scored the fourth goal after a bad pass between a defender and keeper Paco, he dribbled the keeper to end scoring from the inside the box. It’s his first goal in the league after all the back problems that affected him.

Then Canadian Ben Fisk and Portuguese Jardel entered the field, the latter is coming from Juvenil A and was making his debut at Tercera. Legaz could have scored the fifth goal at the last minute in a similar play to the previous goal, but this time his crossed shot missed the target after a small deflection by Paco.

Still, the fifth goal arrived through Sam Piette. And it was a repetition of the fourth goal. Again a bad pass between a defender and keeper Paco allowed the Canadian to get the ball, then he dribbled the goalie and scored from the box.

Easy victory for a Fabril that found the game that likes to play: with plenty of space to launch the quick attacks searching for Otero, while the errors of Mugardos just increased the score. Otero netted a brace, Blas Alonso gave two assists, Legaz scored for the first time and Juvenil A Jardel debuted with the team. With the victory Fabril remain third, now only needing one more win to secure the playoff spot. The next game is the visit to SD Órdenes, side having a disappointing season having them five points above the pit.

Deportivo B: (4-2-3-1) David Gómez – Blas, Taboada, Fornos, Viña – Piette, Calvet – Edu Expósito, Hugo Rama (Ben Fisk 78’), Corredera (Marcos Legaz 70’) – Juan Otero (Jardel 84’).
Galicia de Mugardos: (4-2-3-1) 1: Paco - Stiven, Adrián Vázquez, Adrián Martínez, Manu - Rocha (Quique 61’), Dieguito (Dani 70’) - Juan Martínez, Pablo (Chis 56’), Carlos – Brais.
Goals: 1-0: (19’) Pol Calvet, 2-0: (45’) Otero, 3-0: (56’) Otero, 3-1: (62’) Quique, 4-1: (77’) Legaz, 5-1: (90+1’) Piette
Referee: David Novas Benavides. He showed yellow card to Fornos (43’), Blas Alonso (60’), Chis (64’) and Dani (74’)
Venue: Abegondo (500)




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