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01 May 2016
Depor’s coach isn’t worry of the rumors and prefers to focus in how the team could close the season before the fans. Getafe’s coach is confident of his team and warned about Lucas Pérez.

Juan Eduardo Esnáider is an Argentine former player with a long career in Spain that was crowned with the 1994/95 UEFA Cup Winners' Cup, final in which he scored a decisive goal playing against FC Arsenal. He also played for Atlético Madrid and Juventus and retired in 2005 at Newell's Old Boys.

He began his career as a coach been the assistant of Michel at Getafe CF for the season 2009/10, then he was the head coach of Zaragoza B and Córdoba CF, in the last one he coached the first team for the last 9 games of the Segunda season 2012/13.  Suddenly, and after almost three years out, he was called by Getafe CF, side desperate to avoid demotion at Primera and ended signing a contract on April 12, 2016 after Fran Escribá was fired.

He has coached the team in three Primera games adding one victory, one draw and one defeat. This is his first meeting with Víctor Sánchez as a coach, though both men know each other after coinciding at Real Madrid’s first team during the 1990’s. Besides, Víctor replaced Esnáider as the second coach of Getafe CF when the latter left the club in 2010.

Depor’s coach addressed the media on Saturday’s noon. He talked to reporters for ten minutes. After all the comments and criticism towards him, the coach seemed unaffected and the press conference was quiet with him smiling in several opportunities. Actually he started saying that it was a normal week, “We have trained at the top. It was a very good week and we are fine. Our head is in the very important game against Getafe, which is an important opportunity to close our season before our fans, and we have been focused on that during the whole week. The moment to assess the season is at the end, right now we are only waiting for the game against Getafe.”

He later said that Depor are eager to win a game at home, “Beyond any situation we are looking for that game that we have missed in the whole second round at our stadium, to offer it to ourselves and the fans. We have made very good games, but didn’t get the victory. I remember since the last one of the first round, Villarreal, later Valencia, Betis, Málaga… We have made very good games at home, but have missed that little step to round it with the victory. Our pride has been affected and we are searching for the opportunity to do it, and the game against Getafe is a good chance.”

The Madrilenian denied the idea that this is a final, “If you remember from last season, we had very hard games, a complicate calendar, a very tight situation at the standings and we never talked of finals until reaching the last game. I also believe that the game we played at home against Levante could be labeled as a final as needed the victory to stay alive. Now we aren’t in the same situation, but the fact of not been in the same need, like our rival Getafe, it doesn’t mean we aren’t giving the important that it deserves. We are facing a rival in a survival mode, because it could be their last chance to hang to salvation.”

Asked about the physical state of Luis Alberto, the former winger of Deportivo commented that, “we saw him training very well, at the same pace than the rest of the team. He can play, just like any other men at the roster.”

Finally, Víctor usually doesn’t want to make balances as the season isn’t over, but in this opportunity he was defending the work done by Depor despite the poor second round, “The results in the second round were inferior to the ones in the first, we lost some credit as it was commented on this week. We had an advantage of twelve points over relegation at the end of the first round and now it is only seven, so we lost five points in our credit. But at the same time we earned some credit too. Our goal is the permanence and are fighting for it. We have changed results compared to last season. We are coming from a year in which the results had us until the last minute and in this one we can do it before time. Last year we had seventeen defeats, now ten, we are tied with Celta as the fifth team with lesser defeats, and that’s important for a team that wants to grow. So we converted seven defeats into seven draws and that’s’ interesting, and in those draws we were closer to the victory than to defeat.” 

Getafe’s coach addressed the media on Saturday’s noon. He was explaining how his team has lived this tense week, “We are facing the game with will and courage. The week has been too long and I would have preferred to not have so many days to think. Our idea is to win the game. We don’t have a lot of opportunities and the three points are vital. Later we will see how the game develops.”

“We have reached the end and are prepared to face another important game. The idea was to prepare the trainings in the best possible way to reach this moment in the best possible way. We have enough men for the trip. We are fine. The players having issues will join the team on next week and now we are practically the same that faced Valencia.” He answered after been asked for the players out of the roster.

About the rival, the Argentine coach said that, “We are going to meet an aggressive Deportivo, a team trying to leave a positive impression in the fans, so we are expecting for a very hard game. We need order and to be aggressive, so we can take advantage of our football with a solid approach.”

“We will have options if we are solid in defence. We need to be aggressive with the pressure. Deportivo have a lot of stuff. Lucas Pérez is living an impressive moment and we need to be careful with him. They haven’t been regular, but it demonstrated to be a team with character. We need to work hard in order to win the game” Esnáider added.



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