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03 May 2016
Worrying situation for Deportivo. The team continues to be irregular, it lacks fresh ideas and Víctor continues to commit the same errors with the changes. A new negative record with the team allowing goals in 19 straight games.

The nine notes from the game Vs. Getafe CF:

1- Same old song: Deportivo have become into a predictable team. Once again it did the merits to deserve to take the lead, and once again it failed to react after allowing the first goal. Any team can lose a game like the one against Getafe CF, but when it loses six of twelve games in the same way -Depor have lost 6 of the last 12 games in liga- then clearly the problem cannot be explained only by a matter of luck. This Deportivo is too predictable, the rivals of the same level already know this and only need to wait patiently for a chance in order to take the lead and later administrate the result. It happened against Granada CF, UD Las Palmas and now against Getafe CF.

2- The changes: Big part of the problem of been too predictable is the lack of effectiveness in the selection of the substitutions. In the major part of the games Víctor didn’t get a positive outcome with the changes and it happened the same before Getafe.

The coach explained after the game that Riera entered until the final ten minutes as he was afraid to face another casualty after Borges was sent off, but the point is that the previous two changes were poor moves to change the course of the game. He replaced a side defender without offensive abilities (Laure) for another one with the same characteristics (Juanfran), and at the same time introduced a midfielder that loses presence performing as a winger (Cani) for another one that s lost in the same role (Fajr). The result was that Depor wasted twenty minutes as the changes never fixed what the team was doing wrong.

3- Lack of confidence: Perhaps the biggest change between the Depor of the first round and the one in the second is the lack of confidence. The previous Deportivo could be practicing a passing game or not, but always found the way to react despite the adversities, something witnessed in the home game with Sporting Gijón or the visit to FC Barcelona. But now the team gives the impression of falling down after allowing the first goal, just like missing the conviction that it could turn around a negative situation.

4- Irregular: Another recurrent problem a is the irregularity that the coach has previously hinted. Deportivo started well in this game, even looking more combinative that in the major part of the games of the second round, but starting at minute 30 there’s always a change in the pace that always kills the team. It happened again on Sunday and suddenly Getafe was better until scoring the first goal. In the second half the team was already desperate to have a proper control over the actions.

5- Cartabia & Luis Alberto: With Lucas off the game, the duo Cartabia-Luis Alberto got a starring role in attack. The Argentine was the most incisive player in offensive positions, he completed 3 of the 5 shots on target made by Depor and even was the man with more touches (71). In the case of the Andalusian he was pretty active in the first half and completed 5 of the 15 shots made by the team, though he disappeared in the second half after the coach put him on the wing after Borges was sent off.

6- The fall of Mosquera: Pedro Mosquera has lowered his performance in the second round and it can be one of the reasons for Depor’s dramatic fall in this last part of the season. Before it was normal to see him completing 85% or more of his passes, now his accuracy was 81% against Getafe and lost some important balls, like the one that provoked a clear chance in the first half that was ruled out for an offside.

7- Four red cards on the season: Despite the red card saw by Borges, Depor continue to be one of the more disciplined teams in the league. The Galicians were only booked in 78 opportunities, the third best mark in the league only below Barcelona (62) and Real Madrid (64). In terms of red cards, the expulsion of Borges was the 4th suffered on this season (Arribas, Luisinho and Lux were the other expulsions). Only Barcelona (1) and Atlético (3) had lesser red cards.

8- One full round allowing goals: New negative record for Deportivo, the game against Getafe CF was the 19th straight opportunity allowing a goal during this season, which means a full round in the tournament. The previous record was during the season 1944/45 with Depor allowed goals in 18 straight opportunities

9- Three straight home defeats: This is also the third straight home defeat after the fiasco against FC Barcelona and the disappointing game with UD Las Palmas. The previous time with Depor losing three straight games at the Riazor was at the middle of the season 2012/13 (2-3 Vs. Valencia, 0-3 Vs. Granada and 1-2 Vs. Real Madrid). It was the stage that marked the exit of Domingos Paciência and the arrival of Fernando Vázquez.



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