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03 May 2016
The coach admitted the responsivity for a new disappointing performance and analysed the keys for the result. The players are aware that things are complicated in the quest for the permanence.

Coach Víctor Sánchez was admitting his responsibility for the latest defeat at the Riazor, “We have failed. Off course. What we wanted was to close the season with a good game and with the victory, and we didn’t do it. The main responsible is the coach and that’s clear. There’s no doubt about it.”

Later the Madrilenian man was analysing the keys in the game, “If we analyse the game, we will see that we did a good first half, we had opportunities and in a good counterattack they claimed the lead. It is one of the keys to the game. We were fine too at the beginning of the second part, we had two good chances with Fede [Cartabia] and the other key was the expulsion. We had just made the changes putting Cani at the centre and adding depth with Juanfran with Fede on the right, but the expulsion of Celso came too soon and it hammered us.”

“We had to play with Cani as a centre midfielder and didn’t have arrival. Luis Alberto was on the wing and it rested us the option to make the third change as in any new problem you could end with one more man out. We tried to wait until the last ten minutes, and when we were about to put Oriol Riera searching for the direct game, they scored the second. The keys were the action with Lucas that caused the counterattack in the first goal, and later the play of Celso that left us with ones less man.” He added.

The he tried to be optimistic ahead of the near future, “The league isn’t over. We will travel to Villarreal in order to search for the victory, this in order to close the season and the permanence; we were unable to do it on here. We are screwed but the league isn’t over. This team is a fighter. We had to come from behind in several games and we will continue in the same lane. Evidently we are feeling screwed, because this isn’t what we have prepared.”

In the last part of the press conference Víctor was constantly pushed by the journalists with questions related to his status after the poor second round, the frustration of the fans and even the lack of motivation of the team. He first said that, “There are rivals that would love to have our points. Off course they have approached. We have lost an advantage of seven points, now it’s four and six are remaining, but the league isn’t over. “

Later he talked of the fans walking away after the second goal, “I saw the reaction of the fans after the second goal, and logically they protested after the game ended. It’s normal to see the fans upset. We wanted a different game, but we are with full energy and with the will to change the things in Villarreal.”

Fede Cartabia was the best man at Depor; he commented that, “Once again we left escaping an important game. The team is feeling screwed. It was an important game, in front of the fans, now we have to suffer and travel to a difficult pitch. Let’s hope we can add points. We still have a margin and hopefully the result will be favourable.”

The Argentine man was feeling sorry for the bad luck had in the second round, “We were superior within the first twenty minutes. The goal came when we were better. We tried, but we have had bad luck in the second round. I believe that with the points dropped at the last minutes before Villarreal and Valencia we would be much calmer. But this is football and we will have to suffer. Getafe didn’t do too much, I believe they shot five times and scored twice. In the second round the ball isn’t entering.”

Fernando Navarro admitted that the situation is now complicated for Depor, “Things are complicated. We have allowed to escape too many chances and now we are with both feet in the mud despite the four points of advantage. Things are complicated and now need to gather strength to get the result in Villarreal. The season reflects what happens and in Villarreal we have a chance to do it.”

About the game, the Andalusian defender said that, “I believe the first half was pretty good by our side, with several approximations. They launched a few counterattacks and found the goal in one of them. Its’ clear that after the expulsion things were uphill and we didn’t find the way to get the result.”

Laure was feeling sorry for the lack of reaction in this game, “It’s a tough day, but we must be positive. It depends on ourselves. We put ourselves in this problem and we are the ones that must go out. Truly we aren’t having the best feelings. We were even better at some point, but they claimed the lead and since that point we didn’t have the capacity or the mechanisms to create danger and believe in the comeback.”

The captain was saying that the players must be united, “We must add points. It’s very important to be together, to trust and work hard. It depends on ourselves, nobody will come to make us a favour. We must get the results. There’s no fear, but responsibility as we realize that we’re in a worse situation of what was before.”

At Getafe CF, coach Juan Esnáider was pretty happy with the performance of the team, “We are pretty content. We cannot deny it. Everything is fine, and we are satisfied. For now, everything is fine. We must follow this path, because we have made things right, but it isn’t enough yet. For us this game was vital as the one in San Sebastián and against Valencia. We earned the chance to keep competing and have another challenge on next Sunday. We are doing the right things.”




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