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03 May 2016
The qualification for the playoff was delayed for Fabril after failing at Órdes, the team only reacted in the second half and had important chances to score, but the local keeper had a great day.

Coach Manu Mosquera was finally recovering centre-backs Róber and Iago López, though only the first was a starter. Óscar García was also returning after been picked by the first team. Keeper Anxo Pérez was also back, so the only injured players were Pancho, Ángel and Jorge.

The draw was a 4-2-3-1, David Gómez was the keeper, Blas Alonso was playing at the right side in defense, Lucas Viña performed on the left, the centre-backs were Santi Taboada and Róber. Sam Piette and Pol Calvet were the centre midfielders, Edu Expósito was the right winger, Hugo Rama was the playmaker, Óscar attacked from the left flank, and Juan Otero was the centre forward.

The rival was SD Órdenes, team e that needed the three points in order to continue eluding the relegation zone -five teams are going down now as SD Compostela suffered the relegation at Segunda B during Sunday- Coach Javi Álvarez was relying in top-scorer Nacho Fernández (11 goals on the season). Ex-Depor Juvenil Gabi González was a starter at the team.

Deportivo B needed the victory to certify the qualification for the promotion playoff, but the burden of avoiding the relegation was stronger as SD Órdenes succeeded thanks to the things done in the first part. Fabril only reacted until the second half, but it was already too late.

The locals entirely dominated the first part, Fabril were unable to control the ball possession and suffered at midfield due to the pressure of the rival, so the defence felt uncomfortable due to the quick plays of the rival, mainly at the centre.

After a couple of warnings by Nacho, the locals ended scoring the lonely goal in the game. It was a new play by the centre in which Diego Arnejo fired from the edge of the area, the ball hit a rival and went into the right side, ex-Depor Gabi González arrived before the defence and crossed David Gómez from the box.

There was no reaction from Fabril in the remaining minutes of the first part, but the situation completely changed in the second half. The visiting team dominated the actions before a rival that lost the control of the actions. It was then that the figures of Otero and Óscar emerged.

Both attackers were unstoppable for the local defence and only the saves by keeper Mario Barreiro prevented the equalizer. Coach Mosquera moved the bench and allowed the entry of Corredera and Marcos Legaz, then Depor B started to play with a 3-5-2 figure, but it wasn’t enough though Corredera was close to score with a direct free-kick that Mario cleared over the crossbar.

This was the 9th defeat on the season for Fabril and with the victory of CCD Cerceda it means that Depor’s lads can no longer reach the second place. The good news is that CD Choco also lost, so the team keeps the third place. On next Sunday Fabril return to Abegondo and face Verín CF (18h00 CET), club already relegated. With two games remaining Fabril only need to win that game to certify the qualification for the promotion playoff, or instead to see Racing Vilalbés and Rápido de Bouzas missing to win their games. Sam Piette will miss Sunday’s game due to suspension.

Órdenes: (4-2-3-1) Mario - Cea, David Rey, Juan Cabrejo (Javi Calvo. 52’), Puyi - Ángel, Diego Arnejo (César 82’) – Gabi, Julián, Marcos André (Diego Torres 65’) - Nacho.
Deportivo B: (4-2-3-1) David Gómez – Blas (Corredera 73’), Róber, Taboada, Viña – Piette, Calvet – Edu Expósito, Hugo Rama (Legaz 68’), Óscar – Otero
Goal: 1-0: (36’) Gabi
Referee: Francisco Xabier Rodriguez Campos. He showed yellow card to Juan Cabrejo (31’), Edu Expósito (37’), Sam Piette (61’), Julián (62’), Blas Alonso (68’), Gabi (88’) & Ángel Cao (88’).
Venue: Vista Alegre (600)



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