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17 Nov 2006
The Galician derby is here. After a lot of talking and analysis, the 123rd edition of this classic is ready to be played. Both coaches have some doubts about the lineup that they will present. In Celta the casualties have been the cause of Fernando V??zquez's questions, while Caparr??s has problems to choose between the several options he has in Depor's squad.

Coach Joaqu?­n Caparr??s has maintained the mystery about the name of the striker that he will use for the derby. And the secret has become bigger during the last training since the Sevillan has proved new alternatives in other positions of the pitch.

In the defensive line is clear that Dudu Aouate will be the goalkeeper, the duo Lopo-Juanma will start on the centre, and Capdevila will perform on the left side. But the main doubt in this sector is who will play on the right side. Alvaro Arbeloa has played there during the last two liga matches and the Madrilian should be the normal choice for this match, but Caparr??s could be tempted to introduce Antonio Barrag??n in order to take advantage of his offensive game.

Midfield is a sector that isn't escaping from the mystery. Sergio and Coloccini have been the normal starters in la liga, but Caparr??s insisted with Juan Rodr?­guez during the last training. So, it will not be surprising to see the ex-M??laga midfielder replacing any of the two mentioned players. What's clear is that Joan Verd?? will perform as the playmaker.

Javier Arizmendi will occupy the right wing. The Madrilian surpassed his muscular problems and he is ready to play. The left wing should be for Cristian Hidalgo, but Caparr??s proved also the option of Filipe Luis during the last training. The main secret that the Sevillan coach has maintained is to know who will be the striker. Caparr??s has tested with Adri??n L??pez and Riki. Both of them have the same options, but the experience of Riki could be a favorable factor for him.

A curiosity occurred this Sunday in Abegondo, a lot of people have complained about the cool environment that's surrounding this derby match. A reporter asked about this situation to coach Caparr??s, and the response from him was: "Too cold? you should go to the locker room and see what's going on there, then you will know if we have a good atmosphere or not."

Coach Fernando V??zquez has found the solutions to face this game after being affected during the week with eight casualties. One of the stronger points in Celta has been the defensive line, and the absence of Lequi is creating doubts since the Argentinean and the Chilean Pablo Contreras were a solid couple during the first nine matches. The replacement of Lequi will be Yago Alonso, a player that hasn't debuted yet in this liga season, and that didn't play a single minute in the past campaign.

The main doubt for Fernando V??zquez is to know the name of the player that will replace Gustavo L??pez on the right wing, the two candidates for the job being Jorge Larena and Jonathan Aspas. Meanwhile, Borja Oubi?±a and Iriney have surpassed their physical problems and both players are ready to appear in midfield.

Upfront Celta will play with Fernando Baiano, who will be supported by the work of Nen?© and N?©stor Cannobio. The full list of called player by Fernando V??zquez is: Esteban, Oubi?±a, ?ngel, Baiano, Placente, Pinto, Perera, Contreras, Yago, Jonathan Aspas, Jorge, Nen?©, Canobbio, Iriney, Jonathan Vila, Dani Abalo, Iago Aspas, Martino.

One of the players that talked before the game was Jorge Larena, the probable replacement for Gustavo L??pez said that he doesn't think that the casualties in his team are factors that should be used as an excuse: "We are a few but we have enough resources. The absences are there, but I don't think that this thing should be used as an excuse if things go wrong. We haven't been lucky with some of our main players and that could be noticed in a team like this one. But we aren't facing this game as the victims."

Deportivo: Aouate - Arbeloa, Lopo, Juanma, Capdevila - Sergio, Coloccini - Arizmendi, Verd??, Cristian - Riki.
Celta: Pinto - Angel, Yago Alonso, Contreras, Placente - Oubi?±a, Iriney - Jorge, Canobbio, Nen?© - Baiano.
Referee: Velasco Carballo
Kickoff: 21h00.

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