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29 May 2016
It was pretty clear since the middle of last season that a lot was going to be said about Lucas Pérez during the summer window. The media talks of several big clubs interested in him, while his agent has a double speech.

The great season of Lucas Pérez has put the striker on the spotlight. Even during the winter window his name was mentioned as a possible reinforcement for other clubs, though it was clear he wasn’t going to leave due to the FIFA rules (he had already played in two clubs in one single season).

Now, the path is cleared and the €20 million in his buyout clause are more like a simple requirement than a barrier for the big clubs. Only in May the striker has been linked with Inter Milan, FC Barcelona, Leicester City, AS Monaco and Sevilla CF. All of them seem open to pay the €20 million with the exception of Sevilla CF, side that only want to pay €15 million

The position of Deportivo is simple at this point: to wait to see what happens and to say in public that there’s no interest in selling him. As president Tino Fernández said a couple of weeks ago, “The intention that we have is to keep him. We won’t go out anywhere in order to sell him. We will see what happens, but the intention of Deportivo is to have him as the reference of the team. We will try to do it according to out possibilities.”

More recently, Depor’s boss clarified that there are no fresh offers for the player, as he told on this week to Sphera Sports, ”We don’t have any offer for Lucas. We know that his agent had meetings with Atlético, Villarreal, Sevilla, several English clubs, even Barcelona, but to us we were only asked by two Chinese clubs. Our idea is to see Lucas continuing, because he has a contract lasting until 2019 and a releaser clause for twenty million.”

Meanwhile, the agent of Lucas, Rodrigo Fernández is keeping a double speech. In one hand he is leaving the door open for a possible exit. As example what he told to Estadio Deportivo after been linked with Sevilla CF, ”We have several offers, from Spain and outside. We always said that we want to be in A Coruña and if there’s something good for anyone, then it will be done. Lucas is ambitious and wants to grow. It will be pretty to face the challenge of the Champions League.”

But at the same time Lovelle clarifies that the player won’t force an exit from Depor; as he said to the same paper, “No matter what we do it will be firstly agreed with Deportivo.” Later what he told to Radio Galega that, ”We will never pay the release clause by ourselves, because we want to agree with Deportivo.  If later they want to negotiate another price or the fact of including other player it’s up to them. Lucas is happy in A Coruña and we will only talk if there’s something good for the club.”

So, this is a favourable case to Deportivo, because the player won’t push for an exit, which will make easier to study the offers. It cannot be ruled out the option that Lucas will stay at Deportivo, which is a possibility as in the end the club won’t receive the full amount of a possible transfer (PAOK owes the 30%). The only thing for clear is that this is going to be the long case of the summer.



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