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15 Jul 2016
New signing Przemysław Tytoń conceded his first press conference at Deportivo. He talked of his decision to join Deportivo and also about his first days in the city.

Polish keeper Przemysław Tytoń conceded a press conference and talked of his adaptation process to Deportivo and the city.  He can understand Spanish, but offered the press conference in English having the support of a translator.

He was giving his impressions about his first days at the club, “Everything it’s normal, it’s a new team as you know. I know two players from before, Pedro Mosquera and Fayçal, so for me it was easier to come to the team. We started the pre-season and trained quite hard. I think it’s going very well.”

The keeper said that he is happy at the city, “Before I signed for Depor, I asked how was life on here. It’s important as I don’t come alone, I have a family, so they [Fajr and Mosquera] introduced the city very well. Maybe the weather isn’t the same than Elche, but the food is incredible. And also the football life is very good, the fans are great here. The atmosphere is very good, so it’s a good place to play. I’m happy to be here after signing for three years.”

About the competence at the goal of Deportivo, he commented that, “You never know what could happen during a season, now we have three and I think it’s quite normal in a team like Deportivo. We just started to train together. There’s a lot of quality, between us, as goalkeepers, we have good people and we have a good goalkeepers coach. I am impress.”

“German Lux is an experienced goalkeeper. He has been playing for a few years. Off course he is quality, if he would not have quality then he wouldn’t be on here. Rubén is a new player, same as me. The three of us are fighting. There’s only one place and during the training session I am only focused in myself to develop the best.” Tytoń added. 

Asked about the stage at Stuttgart, he said that, “Last year I played at Stuttgart, at the Bundesliga, there were good moments and also bad moments, after the season it was the moment to decide what to do, I only had one more year of contract. I am happy here and I don’t think of what happened before, the future is more important and my future is Deportivo.” 

“For me last season was turbulent. I was searching for a place where I can find peace and develop as a player. My goal is to play the best as I can for Deportivo. This history, this city, this club is great. I came here to fight every game and don’t think of what will happen on next year. My goal is to play every game. I have my dreams and my future is on here.” He added.

Tytoń accepted that he’s thinking of returning to the goal of Poland’s national team, “It’s the second point, the first is to play here every game and the next door is the national team. I was always there, but in the last frame the coaches decided to pick other keepers, but off course I will fight. I’m quite sure that the doors are open. It will be fine to me and the club as well.” 

He also explained his relation with Cezary Wilk, the previous Polish player at Depor, “Yes, he is my friend and I called him before coming. He said it’s a great place to live. If Cezary would have had the chance to stay here, he wouldn’t doubt about it, but he’s in another place in Spain. He recommended this place and said that I was going to enjoy, a great club with a great history and with good people around.”

Finally, the Polish player said that he’s confident about the chances for Depor in the new season, “I’m also searching for stability for myself, also for the club. I think it’s easier to work with a good team around and when you are in a good position in the table. But no one gives points for free and we have to fight in every game. I followed the team last year and the team made a very good first half in the year, and I believe we can give something more, as it was showed on last season.”



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